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Man And His Dog Rescues A Bull Mastiff Who Was Abandoned And Buried In Dirt

Sometimes, beings of our own kind commit such heinous acts, to the extent that it is hard to believe they belong to the same species as us. If you do not know what species I am talking about, let me be clear. I am talking about our very own humans. While most of us cannot even think of harming another soul, there are people who not only harm others but also go out of the way to torture others till they lose their life. They have intentions to hurt others out of pure spite and no other reason. Animals are different in this regard. We should note how animals only kill or prey on other animals when they need to feed themselves or in case of self-defence. They do not torture or hurt anyone for any reason.


Unfortunately, some animals are caught at the hands of horrible humans who do not treat them properly. This article is about Athena, a beautiful French Mastiff, who was tortured at the hands of a horrible owner. That person clearly had a sadistic tone in his behaviour, given that he tortured Athena mercilessly. He did not stop there. He even buried Athena alive. It is hard to even think that some human could be capable of so much damage. Luckily, on August 4th, a nice human being was walking by the ground where Athena was buried. That man was walking his dog when he noticed a part of the dog’s head was sticking out of the dirt. Within a moment, the good samaritan realized that it was a dog. He reached out to the ground to help Athena get out. Apparently, the old sadistic owner did not bury her properly but rather in an incomplete manner. With some help from the good samaritan and due to the little opening on the side of her head, Athena was able to free herself from all the dirt on top of her.

Let’s go ahead and read the story in detail;

Via: Pedro Dinis

Below you can see a picture of little Athena lying on the ground, shivering in fear. Athena was spotted buried alive on 4th August.

There was a little opening in the burial where her head was visible. This allowed the good samaritan to spot Athena pinned to the ground. Poor Athena looks so scared. It shows how much she has been tortured and hurt and she even fears her surroundings. Her eyes seem to show the sadness and hurt she received during her horrible time with the previous owner.

As if things were not already worst for Athena, the old owner had also pinned her to the ground with an anchor. That is the reason why she was not able to move and release herself from the burial.


Wow, how inhumane do you have to be to actually anchor an animal to the ground so they cannot free themselves from the torture you have buried them into. If one does not like an animal, they should just let them go and give them to the shelter house. Torturing animals and pinning them to the ground is unimaginable.

Athena was found completely worn out. It was visible how dehydrated she was. Her feeble body also showed how her body was lacking proper nutrition.


Regardless of having a horrible experience with someone of the human species before, Athena was calm throughout the period while she was getting rescued.

Athena was not only rescued by the new human, but his doggo also gave a helping paw in getting all the dirt off Athena.

It was a new thing for Athena to be treated with basic decency and helpful behaviour by random strangers. He let these kind strangers help him. The pooch is known by the name Goddess. Isn’t it a coincidence? Athena and Goddess fit perfectly.

Aww, look at how the pooch is kissing Athena on the cheeks. These little acts of encouragement helped Athena out of the shallow burial.

This is exactly the kind of kindness and comfort Athena needed after a long period of torture.

After seeing Athena completely dehydrated, the good samaritan fed her some water. He gave small amounts of water to Athena.


Given that Athena was dehydrated, it would not have been good for her to abruptly drink a huge amount of water.

The good samaritan did not want to hurt Athena even by accident, so he used his hands to dig to remove all mud in which Athena was stuck.


The rescuer rushed Athena to an animal clinic. She was treated for dehydration and shock. After close examination, the vets came to the conclusion that Athena had been gravely abused continuously. They also reported that Athena seemed at least 10 years in age.


Athena found a new home! This picture shows Athena sitting with two Rottweilers, members of her new loving family.


She is not used to it, but she is slowly adapting to all the love, care, and warmth that she is receiving from her new family.

The authorities were able to find out who the past owner was due to the ID tag. They discovered that the 21-year old owner lived nearby the spot where Athena was located. When the owner was confronted, he did not admit to being connected to the event but instead asserted that Athena ran away.

It was clear that this guy was bluffing because the vets could see clear signs of abuse on Athena and it was also apparent that those abuses were inflicted upon her for a continuous period of time. Athena was also found to have osteoarthritis. This condition would have made it very difficult for Athena to run away.

The authorities arrested the old owner on Saturday afternoon. He was faced with the title of cruelty to animals. The trial was arranged in May. A petition was also started by people of the community to penalize the cruel owner with maximum sentencing. Maximum sentencing would be 2 years along with a $33,000 fine. These people also protested to deny the chance for bail, because they claimed if a person is capable of animal cruelty, this behaviour could most probably develop as cruelty towards humans too.

It is so good to know that people genuinely fight for animals. It is also a relief that the owner was getting punished for his actions. We hope that all animals stay safe and never have to come across even an ounce of hurt. Keep your animals safe, people!



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