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Manager Berates Employee For Being 3 Minutes Late, Malicious Complaince Ensues

If you’re three minutes late once, your boss can take a deep breath. This school support staff member refused to let his management harass him after he arrived at work only slightly late for the first time. This discussion was started by user u/ohmydayzz on Reddit’s r/MaliciousCompliance subreddit, who recounted his experience about how he learned the hard way not to give up any more free time without remuneration.


Here are the details. This staff member typically shows up to work 15 minutes early and always gets started immediately, per his manager’s orders. When he showed up three minutes late, and continued with his morning routine of making a coffee in the staff room before beginning his work, his manager berated him. To make matters worse, the manager got upset after the staff member took his full unpaid 45-minute lunch break the next day. This was the breaking point for u/ohmydayzz, who stood his ground and from that point on, never allowed his manager to bully him into starting work early or working during his required unpaid breaks.

1. This is the story of OP who works as support staff at a school and arrives on time. His usual task is to make coffee once she arrived 3 minutes late with her coffee the manager could not take it

Font - Posted by u/ohmydayzz 7 hours ago Three minutes late. M OC Preface: I work in a school as support staff, I'm not a teacher. I generally get to work at 8:15. Start time is 8:30. I arrive and go to the staff room and make a coffee and take it to my work station. My manager doesn't bother with small talk, she's straight into discussing work, asking me questions etc. Often before I even put my handbag away and fire up my laptop. I get a 45 minute unpaid lunch break which is a bit long. I'm us

2. To cover the previous thing, OP arrived sooner after lunch but the next day when she was on time the manager was unhappy. They both talked into it. OP told her how she gives her free minutes to the workplace for free

Font - I made the three minutes up at lunchtime by coming back sooner than my 45 minute break. I take my lunch during the students lunch. Their lunch is 1-1:40. The following day I arrive back from lunch at 1:45 and manager is hopping from foot to foot because we were needing to start class. I said my lunch is 45 minutes. Maybe I should take lunch before 1 to ensure I'm here at 1:40. She looks at the timetable and says that doesn't work we have classes that go until 1 so you can't take lunch unt

3. OP stood her ground and started taking the whole 45 minutes lunch break and arriving on time in the morning just because she was annoyed by the manager’s snarky remark. There’s a TLDR for people at the end

Font - I now take my entire 45 minute break. Even though I'm done with eating and smoking, I'll fill in the 15 minutes checking Instagram. I also still generally arrive at 8:15 and I now have my pre work coffee in the staff room and don't ever arrive at my desk until 8:28. tl;dr I used to give my workplace between 15 and 30 minutes of my time for free each day. A snarky remark from my supervisor for being 3 minutes late ONCE means my workplace no longer gets any minutes from me for free.
So, this was the story shared by OP. If her manager was not rude enough to scold her for being literally 3 minutes late, it would have been easier for the both of them. Now that you have read the story, take a look at what Redditors had to say on this. Following are the top comments by various Redditors under this post.

4. This is what most people would do when they are treated with petty sh*t and I think that’s fair

Font - ephemeralkitten · 4 hr. ago Exactly. I don't let that stuff slide. I call that nonsense out as it happens. You wanna be petty? I'm gonna remind you that that's petty.

5. When it comes to your self-respect and fairness in something, you should not think twice before thinking if the other party is not showing a basic understanding

Facial expression - i_GoTtA_gOoD_bRaIn 2 hr. ago Me too. Needless to say, I quit/get fired a lot. Reply Share Vote

6. This is true in many cases. Do you find it relatable?

Font - Riuk811 2 hr. ago In my personal experience micromanagers also kill any initiative or desire to do extra a person may have had. Reply Share Vote

7. Only if all manager were polite and understanding enough to not be a-holes that they most of the times are

Font - botts31 1 hr. ago Just Managers in general, they are a far cry from actual Leaders. Reply Share Vote
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