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15 Hysterical Tweets By People Depicting Their Life Experiences After Years Of Successful Marriage

Post-relationship life is a whole new domain.

Everyone in the world has at least once shown the desire to be in a relationship or get married. It is such a beautiful experience to think of having someone right beside you who only cares for you, who would be there through your thicks and thins, who would accept you for who you are, and who would compromises and sacrifices to keep the relationship alive. Yes, there do erupt fights between couples at times. No road is a straight path. You often feel like being left alone and don’t want to be bothered by anyone. And that’s because you feel bad for doing what you did and don’t want to show your face to your partner. And deep down, it is very true that you don’t want them to go anywhere because there is no chance of survival without your other half.

Today we are going to celebrate this beautiful relationship of love by looking at some tweets shared by people who know their other halves better than anyone else in the world.

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1. You just wait for them to get up and never ask them to get up and get you something.

Via sucittaM / Twitter

2. I am not yet married and I don’t know about this.


Via mariana057 / Twitter

3. Husbands, after marriage, become the best comedians. Even when they are not conscious.


Via juliepafoofnic / Twitter

4. The husbands will suddenly get up and decide to impress their wives by doing house chores.


Via notmythirdrodeo / Twitter

5. Husbands turn into children when they get married. And if there is anything a wife cannot get her husband to do, that is to make them grow up.


Via ColdHeart_Prj / Twitter

6. Never say never to Tacos.


Via tchrquotes / Twitter

7. Prove that the house really doesn’t do any of the house chores. I hope there wasn’t food in those gift boxes.


Via Heatherheiser2 / Twitter

This really is the top level one could achieve in terms of a relationship. I am yet to get married so these tweets do kind of sound exciting. But you really have to experience it in order to know if all of this is worth it or not. I am sure it is. In all the tweets, I sense a factor of love and that’s all that matters.

Let’s take a look at some more tweets. Scroll down to continue.

8. Dental appointment? That soon?


When two candy junkies get married.

Via EmAsInMoney / Twitter

9. You are not allowed to point out the gray in a woman’s hair. Only they have that authority.


Via mommajessiec / Twitter

10. This is a betrayal of the highest level.


A friend of mine did this to me once. We had waited quite some time for this episode to come out and had decided to watch it together. He streamed the episode as soon as it came out and when I went to his place and we started watching the episode together, his fake excitement to cool scenes instantly told me he had betrayed me.

Via mommajessiec / Twitter

11. It’s only about finishing the leftovers before the next meal gets cooked.

Via TheCatWhisprer / Twitter

12. You know you are glued to each other when you are discussing the kinds of toothpaste you want.


Via Nelba_MG / Twitter

13. The sounds will haunt you for the rest of your marriage. Try your best to perceive them as sounds from heaven. May help!

Via LizerReal / Twitter

14. I don’t think anyone could’ve explained a relationship better than this Twitter user.


Via TheAndrewNadeau / Twitter

15. It really do be like that.

Via ian_mendes / Twitter

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

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