20 Mean Cats That Prove They Aren’t Always As Sweet As They Pretend To Be

Cats are queens of their own minds.

Be prepared. Be very very prepared when you are planning to adopt a cat. Usually, people fall in love with cats for their adorable floofy appearance, their tiny cute existence, and the way they run around you in the entire house for snuggles. I won’t disagree with any of that. Cats are extremely adorable. Every breed of cat is amazing in its own way. No wonder why they are one of the most adopted pets in the whole world. It takes a little while to establish a connection with a cat, they take some time to adjust and absorb everything. But with a little bit of patience and a lot of committed that connection does form. And once it does, an inseparable bond forms between the pet animal and its owner. A bond that is impawwsible to break.


But, as we know there’s always a but when it comes to cats. If you have adopted a cat because you thought they will always be their sweet and lovely selves, I am sorry you were wrong. See the thing about cats is that they are very independent and very confident. And when these two traits meet, madness takes place. Cats will always remain a creature of their own minds. Nobody can guide or rule them. Yes, you can train them to follow a certain house routine, but that also depends on their mood whether they want to follow anything or not.

This is the sole reason why we find cats in very random, weird, and hilarious situations. Their stubborn selves end up providing us with hilarious stories and moments. And that’s exactly what we’ve got for you guys today.

Here are 20 cats in random funny situations for you to have a nice laugh. Scroll down below to enjoy.

1. “I’m pretty convinced that I have the world’s clingiest cat. He loves to be picked up, kissed, held, and above all, he loves taking naps on my lap. This is what happens when I tell him he can’t sit on my lap while I’m trying to work.”

Via scarletcyanide

2. Money has no worth. Only mood has worth.


Via strangerbabble

3. “She stole my bacon and then didn’t eat it…” Cat: “You got a problem with that?”


Via leastcmplicated

4. “Hmmm, I wonder if she’s still sleeping…”


Via westgate141pdx

5. Do you mind?


Via momzillaog

6. “Her new favorite nap spot. We can’t close the door when we’re on the toilet.”


Via PhantomBanker

7. Just a tiny disclaimer.


Via RSicsmith

8. “Twi minutes after turning on the iron.”


Via Soul_Mining

9. “Oh, were your towels clean?”


Via GeorgeAstroCat

Do you know what’s the best thing about these cats? It’s their confidence. My god, there is nothing in this world that would scare them or is a challenge for them. Be it poking your head into the toilet, or sitting right next to a very hot iron, they will do what they want to do. Queens for a reason.

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10. “Trying to slap my phone out of my hand because I had to use the bathroom before I fed him.”


Via RManSavage

11. “Should I drink store-bought spring water from my bowl? Nope!”

Via mike5f4

12. That’s the best birthday present ever.


Via NicCageMatch

13. “Look what magically fell from the cupboard, ma!”

Via Cronchy_Tacos

14. Imagine if the two meet.


Via asyavee

15. Cats love walking too.

16. “He has been officially diagnosed as a rascal after I paid over $200 to try to find out if there was something wrong with him.”


Via kate9871

17. “Within 5 minutes if setting our pizza on the table…”

Via ClarinetsAndDoggos

18. Gets annoying after a little while, not gonna lie. Lol!


Via badtwittor

19. If only there wasn’t a language barrier.

Via tai_smoke

20. “I bought my bunny a new house and the cat immediately took over.”


Via persimmonsareawesome

Congratulations, you have successfully made it through the cat’s world. I absolutely love them for this one reason. No, this does not mean they won’t ever listen or be sweet to you. Trust me, when they want to give back, no one does it better than cats. They see, realize, and understand everything happening around them. They’re smarter than you think.

Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed these images of these goofballs. Share down below in the comments section how you guys felt about it.


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