Mom And Baby Cats Were Left On The Doorstep Of A Woman’s House With A Packet Of Potato Chips, Gets Adopted

A cat with her kitten was left at a woman’s doorstep just like Harry Potter was.

Cats are the most adorable. They are literally best at everything. And the things they do to keep their owners happy are just out of this world. Yes, they have a side that not many like but that’s all part of their uniqueness. And that’s what the owners love. The moments these cats give us are so fun, exciting, and enjoyable. Cats do so much for us but there are still some people who don’t value their true worth.


It makes me so sad that there are people out there who have the heart to abandon cats. How inhumane do you have to be to do such a thing to such adorable creatures? But cats on the other hand are very different. They don’t see it, being abandoned, as the end of the world. And there will never ever be a situation where a cat would leave the one it leaves. This also includes its children. A mother would never separate from her children, no matter what. And this goes for both humans and animals, especially this mother cat who along with her kitten got abandoned and dropped at the doorstep of a random woman’s house, along with a plate of potato chips

The two beautiful cats were dumped at the doorstep of a house. Why would someone do this?

The cats were left at the doorstep of a working woman’s house. One day as she returned from work and got out of her vehicle, she noticed something laying on her doorstep. Took a couple of steps towards the house and she realized whatever it was, was living and alive. Hesitantly, she reached the doorsteps only to find out there were two cats sitting in a carrier. Mama and baby kitten were sitting in there and probably had no idea what is happening.  The little kitten was only 5 months old and that’s the factor that concerned the woman more, that who had left this carrier in front of her house. Not losing the grip, the woman quickly called the Mayhew Animal Center. The woman narrated the whole situation and the officers arrived at first.

Officers from the Mayhew Animal Center were surprised to see the cats at the doorstep as it felt very surprising and random to them as well. But the fact there were tortilla chips in the carrier as well, surprised them even more.


Thanks to the great presence of mind of the woman who spotted the cats at her doorsteps, the rescue team was about to take the two back to the Mayhew Animal Center. The two are being taken care of at the center and are being all the love there is to give The cats are in a bit of trauma as they still haven’t been able to digest what had happened to them. But, soon the love with cloud the bad memories, and things will get better.

The shelter has named the mother cat “Linda”, and her little one has been named “Stella”.


Before taking the cats to the shelter, the officers made a stop at a veterinary clinic to get the cats checked. The cats were healthy and had no diseases. They were then given delicious meals to enjoy to sort of settle down a bit. They are living happily at the shelter but true happiness is always at a furever home. And I hope the animal center will soon find a suitable owner for this family. They deserve the absolute best.

Best of luck with the new beginnings to Linda and Stella.


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