Tumblr User’s Writing Prompt Story About Monster Under Your Bed Invokes The Feels

This is not like any other Monster under the bed story.

I am sure you have read many stories about monsters under the bed. It seems that it is a sort of ‘genre’ that tends to scare most people. After all, it is actually the fear of the unknown. And when you’ve watched a scary movie and are laying there in the dark, your imaginative mind is bound to make you think there might be something under your bed.


I don’t get scared easily but that even creeps me out. That is one of the biggest reasons, I got a bed that wasn’t empty underneath and was closed off. However, we are getting off-topic. Today we have a story writing by a very creative writer who put a twist in her short story. It started from a writing prompt but turned into something very new and unique.

So scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Imgur

And so it starts.

A first you might think it is like any other story about monsters under your bed. It even seems like a ripoff of the Monsters Inc movies. However, this is where the similarities end. Because after this it gets much more sinister than Pixar could ever dream of showing on the big screen.

There was no other choice but for the monster to do it himself.


She wasn’t scared of the monsters because there was something much more terrifying in her house.


It was her own dad.


The reason this story is much scarier than what it seemed like at first is that it is based in reality. Sure there might not be monsters under our bed but when parents break their children’s trust and hurt them, there is nothing more painful than that.

However, thankfully the monster was here this time to save the day.


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