20 Wholesome Photos That Prove You Don’t Need Much To Enjoy Life

We need to stop complicating life.

There is so much negativity in the world. Wherever you go, you’ll see critique and pessimism. People are just never happy. Nothing is ever good enough. No matter how hard you try to achieve your goals, there will always be something that stops you from being happy. All this happens especially if you’re a “glass half empty” kind of person. People fall victim to sadness and depression very easily. So what if you couldn’t make it to your dream college? It’s okay if you failed your driver’s test for the third time. It’s okay if you’re losing friends. Everything will be okay.


We need to remind ourselves how life is so much more than these petty problems. Life means more than school, job, and hanging out with friends. Happiness can be found in even the smallest of things if one chooses to truly live in the moment. We take these moments for granted, but when we look back at them, we realise how lucky we really are.

So, if you were feeling kind of low today, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some photos that prove that it’s the small things in life that truly matter:

1. “My daughter’s reaction to seeing a ballerina for the first time”

© Togakure / Reddit

2. “So we used a head massager on my girlfriend’s dog…”


© orletitgo / Reddit

3. “I bought my nephew a ball pit for his first birthday.”


© bidamin1 / Reddit

4. Celebrating your best friend’s birthday.


© Kastey / Imgur

5. “Didn’t know if the fireworks would bother our autistic son. This was his reaction.”


© Hamster536 / Reddit

6. Happy with his lettuce hat.


© unknown / Reddit

7. “My nephew challenged me to spin him around as fast as I could. I tucked my phone in my belt to capture his reaction.”


© mwads10 / Imgur

8. “Set my GoPro up next to some crumbled cheese in my garden…”


© Anders_65 / Reddit

9. Such a bright smile.

10. “My 4-year-old daughter’s reaction to the sun shining”


© redsyd83 / Reddit

These moments truly capture pure bliss. Look at these genuinely brilliant smiles. It isn’t that hard to find joy in life. You just have to stop taking things for granted. Don’t complicate your life. Take some time out today and breathe in a little deeper. Go hug your mom. Have some ice cream or a cheeseburger and enjoy yourself.

11. Facetiming your dog when you’re on vacation.


© @deeeameddie / Twitter

12. “I love ducks…just trickle some water in their pool and they’re deliriously happy.”

© StillAFirefly / Imgur

13. “Finally got a photo that captures how happy he is.”


© sedrok28 / Reddit

14. “My 2 pups are super excited about having a sleepover with their buddies!”

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© Yamamaya / Reddit

15. “My son REALLY enjoys bath time.”


© _Bob-Loblaw / Reddit

16. “One day, I would like to be this happy.”

© FuriousGorilla / Reddit

17. “My godson think he’s the Royal Prince”


© Unknown / Reddit

18. “Over the weekend, my friend wore his Ghostbuster outfit and visited this kid’s birthday party. He was a little excited.”

© ballstothewallsmolls / Reddit

19. “My new puppy looks stupidly happy after walks.”


© presstwood / Reddit

20. “My 74-year-old grandpa with COPD and I on a roller coaster — he was so excited!”

© majahelenelarsen / Reddit

“Have you ever been this happy to have your chest hair shaved?”


© iBleeedorange / Reddit

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