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Cats Hilariously Recreate Photos From Their Kittenhood (15 Pics)

What’s more adorable than recreating your childhood pictures?

I mean many of us do it. Whether it be because we want that nostalgic effect or we want to go back to our childhood and make a few more memories. However, they can usually turn out very cringy however fun they may be. Well, That is not the case when it comes to cats. They can make anything looking amazingly adorable and we are here for it.


That is why today we have compiled some of the best before and after images with a huge time difference. It seems these cats wanted to relive their childhood so their hoomans helped them recreate their baby pictures. And I have to say they look just as cute as when they were tiny little babies. Scroll on below and take a look at it yourself.

#1 Has the toy gotten smaller somehow?

Yes it’s still my favourite cuddly toy!

#2 That fluffy blanket looks like a cloud.


Three years down the line and I’m still as cute as ever…

#3 He looks very proud of his handiwork.


One year and one ruined chair later.

#4 He became a very chonky cat.


From 45 days to 8 years old and I’m still the best cat ever!

#5 It’s true that hat is not doing her any wonders.


We’ve not changed much in 15 years, but she really needs to get another hat!

#6 She looks like she needs a nap.


From kitten to stroppy teenager in the same hammock.

#7 Still great at balancing I see.


Me and my buddy 12 years down the line…

#8 No more injuries and he is perfectly healthy now.


Pancake has come a long way since he was run over two years ago.

#9 Okay these two beds are absolutely adorable.


Bedroom buddies forever!

#10 The kitty really wants to get out of his grasp.


I’m Mittens, we’ve been best friends for 17 years.

#11 Cats sure do love sitting on your computer when you’re working.

He still likes to sit on the computer.

#12 The shoulder is the best place to relax.


It’s been 4 years and I still love to hang out on his shoulder.

#13 ‘This is mine!’

You see…if I sits, I still fits!

#14 He just wants to be squished.


Still sitting in the same place after all these years.

#15 They just love to play along.

Two years later and we still love to cuddle…

What do you think of these recreations? have you ever recreated your pet’s childhood picture? let us know in the comments below.


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