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30 Naughty Dogs Who Got Stuck In Weird Places And Now Require Assistance

Error, your dog might be broken.

Dogs will be dogs. They do the silliest things at times. Dogs aren’t really that bright either. They go where life takes them, and then get stuck there. Even though they are really naughty and playful, they never mean to cause anyone any harm. So if you see a dog destroying something, it is probably just playing with it and doesn’t know better.


That is the problem though. They don’t know better. They will follow that skunk and keep sniffing it until it sprays them. We have to deal with the mess later. But you can’t stay mad at them either. They are just too precious and pure for this world. If you own a dog, you’ll find it getting stuck in countless weird places every now and then. It’s your duty to get them out of there… after you finish laughing, of course. Here is a list of naughty dogs who got stuck in weird places and now require assistance:

Via BrainTaffy

1. How did this happen?

2. Just looking over the neighbourhood.


3. I just wanted to relax.


4. He looks pretty happy there though.


5. Is that a bear?


6. When you love your blanket too much.


7. That face!


8. How do you get stuck there in the first place?


9. Always in trouble.


10. The eyes show regret.


11. Get me out of here.

12. Nothing to see here, just a dog’s head.


13. I just wanted to sit on this, but I was too big.

Dogs are really silly creatures. They just want to have fun. So they will explore unusual places and cause a lot of mischiefs. They don’t do it on purpose, though. It’s all unintentional so don’t give them a rough time over it.  Love your doggo regardless.

14. Nothing wrong here. Just act normal.


15. Hey kids, want some drugs?

16. A little help here, guys?


17. The holy floating dog.

18. He won’t be poking his head in the trash again.


@dog_rates via Twitter

19. Taking a bath in the dishwasher.

Blazepress via Distractify

20. It seemed fun at first.


BoredPanda via GleamTheCube

21. You shall not pass!

SaintFrost via BoredPanda

22. Water is liquid?!


@daniellefraser88 via Instagram

23. Day 5: They still haven’t spotted me.

@BoringEnormous via Twitter

24. Doggy shaming.

@dogshaming via Twitter

25. I found myself in a similar situation as a kid, not gonna lie.

Silentwes via BoredPanda

Did these make you laugh? What is the funniest place your dog got stuck? Let us know in the comments below.


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