Owner Abandons Trusting Cat For New Couch, He Refuses To Eat After Being Shattered

Don’t adopt if you cannot be responsible.

Adoption is a huge responsibility. It is not just finding a stray animal or going to a shelter and then adopting it. There is a lot that goes into it. When you adopt an animal, you are giving that animal hope. Hope to start a new life in which the animal’s owner is everything to it. You cannot even fathom the level of trust and confidence that a pet animal puts in its pet for getting it to what it thinks is it’s final and forever home. The pet starts adapting and enjoying life over there, and when the topmost level of trust forms within the heart of that adorable pet animal, it then starts giving back. As gratitude just for being adopted and being taken care of, the pet animal begins to provide its owner(s) which a life that carries no stress, no anxiety, and no depression. A life that only carries happiness, joy, adorableness, wholesomeness, and way too much love.

Can you think of a better living being than an animal after what you just read or what you know about them in general? No one can. Animals are the best nature has done for us and I think it would want us to cherish them the way they are supposed to be. Animals are supposed to be respected, they are supposed to be adopted, spoiled, and given the life they deserve. Unfortunately, we still have people who do not understand their true worth and after filling that pet up with all that love and positive emotion, they are just shattered into pieces as its owner abandons it for the worst possible reason. Pets are being abandoned at a crazy rate and I really don’t know why. Why take up the responsibility when you can’t fulfill it. Why even give someone hope when it is ultimately going to be murdered by none other than yourself.

A similar and unfortunate case happened with a gorgeous 3-month-old kitten Tim who was first adopted, filled with love and trust, and then shattered by being abandoned.

After being adopted Tim thought he was at his forever home but just when he thought he is settled and ready to spend the rest of his life with his new family, his owners broke his heart into bits and pieces by abandoning him.

Via Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming

One day, for the worst possible reason, Tim was surrendered by his own owner to New York City Animal Care and Control. When asked why they were planning to leave Tim at the shelter, the owner responded “we got a new couch”. The event was near impossible for Tim to handle or adjust to and the episode impacted his mental health so badly that he became a victim of depression.

Things weren’t getting any worse as Tim soon made the shelter’s euthanasia list. Euthanising an animal is a process of putting it to rest because either the shelter is too crowded or the animal has no positive future. Surprisingly, he was scheduled for being euthanized the same day he was put on the list

RIght on the day of euthanization at ACC, Magnificent, an organization that rehomes cats in need, came to Tim’s rescue.


Via Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming

Magnificent’s sole purpose is to rescue cats and rehome them, they don’t believe in having cats stay at shelters all their lives or having them euthanized because they have no home left. Magnificent found Tim a foster family, which saved him from being euthanized that day but all of that was still not enough. That cat was broken and nothing was working. Given his depression, Tim probably preferred being euthanized to restarting his life.

With the foster family, the matters were getting even worse. Tim had stopped eating owing to his depression getting deeper and deeper. No matter who or how hard anyone tried, Tim would refuse to eat, curl up, and sit there talking to no one and would reflect on his bad past. The foster family had to force-feed him but his health kept deteriorating as Tim significantly kept losing weight.

Magnificent and Tim didn’t stop and kept putting in all the possible efforts to eliminate the innocent cat’s depression, and get it to live the life it always deserved.


Via Magnificat Cat Rescue and Rehoming

Magnificent and Tim’s foster family have no plans to stop. They are committed that they will get Tim to start loving life again. They don’t know when it will happen but they know it will. It is a cat after all, and cats are supposed to spend life like kings and queens.

This really does warm my heart that where there are very bad people who literally killed this cat’s desire to live anymore, there also exist people who would do anything to help build that desire again. I wish all the best to Time and everyone who is making the hard efforts to get him back to living a normal life. You can do this Tim, you’ve got it.

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