Cat Who Used To Visit Hospital Every Day Got Hired As A Security Guard And Even Got Its Own Name Badge

A charming personality cannot be ignored.

It is always said that hard work can get you far. You have to complete degrees, specialize in a field, and even do a PhD in order to find the job of your dreams. True, skill and knowledge are key factors but at times charm does the thing too. You really don’t have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars if you have an irresistibly adorable face. They will hire you without any qualifications if you qualify for this criterion.

Well, Mr. Elwood is one of those personalities who managed to land a job just by his amazing charm, beautiful facial appearance, and innocent face. He turned up at a hospital and just used all that amazing personality to land a job. He really didn’t have to do much. And the way Elwood showcased his skills by making a serious face and navigating the entire hospital for any harmful activities going on, the hospital knew they would have to hire him as a security guard for the building. It seemed no one could do it better than him.

Oh and Mr. Elwood is not a man, he’s a cat. Yes, a cat landed the job of a security guard at a hospital using nothing but its charm.


Just look at this beauty, why wouldn’t anyone want to hire it. Elwood lives in Richmond, Australia, and he has been paying visits to this hospital every single day for one whole year. No one knew who Elwood belonged to or where it came from but every time he would show up, he would certainly cheer everybody up. He cares for everyone present in the hospital which goes on to show he’s not only cute but caring and a serious boy as well.

His seriousness in terms of caring for the safety of everyone at the hospital made his CV even more attractive and he became a permanent member of the staff.


As a security officer now, Elwood takes frequent rounds of the hospital and actively keeps an eye on everything that is happening and on everyone as well. He makes sure everyone is safe and nothing out of order is happening. He is not the one to ignore a suspicious event so the hospital members and patients also behave well when Elwood is on a round.

Elwood is a reputable security officer at the hospital and everyone knows the pets won’t melt him when he is on duty.


But when it is break time, Elwood accepts all the possible pets and cuddles he can possibly get, from all the staff members at the hospital . The staff also waits for his break time because they can’t resist petting him either. I believe the hospital has done its best hiring to date and Elwood will never disappoint them.

I absolutely love the way a stray cat was given such high respect. They are not supposed to be left alone. God knows who had the heart to abandon Elwood or where he came from, but I am happy to see where he is now and it seems like he is happy to be at the hospital. As long s he is around the people he leaves, things are great.

Here’s what the internet had to say about the new security guard:

Elwood will soon be the CEO.


The overall hospital stress would reduce with his presence.


The overall purpose of caring for the stray animals was achieved.


No one would’ve taken on this job better than Elwood.

Pets are only allowed when the head of security is off duty so you will have to wait for a little while.


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