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50 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Begging For Food With A Face You Can’t Say No To

Dogs are highly expressive. When they beg you for attention, you know exactly what they’re begging for. Or, at the very least, know that they’re begging. And the intenret just absolutely loves the creatures, and there’s no shortage of the endless amount of love theyr recieve. Rewgardless of what you’re doing or who you are, you know that dogs have a tendency to love begging for food.

Can you blame them? They’re omnivores, and they have a really strong sense of smell. They can barely resist the scent of grilled meat anyway, and human beings aren’t much better, and we’re supposed to be the intelligent ones! At least there is one good thing to come out of animals begging for food. The pictures that get uploaded onto social media for our amusement.

Source: Reddit

#1 Dobby the dog


I’m not quite sure what it is about this dog that resembles Dobby so much, but I can’t shake it off. I think it’s the way he’s standing, bow-legged with his paws crossed over in front of him. It’s a very humble and shy posture, at least, that’s what it looks like for the rest of u. It certainly doesn’t help he has those long ears and the same exact skin tone as Dobby too. Hopefully, he doesn’t face the same end the house elf did.

#2 Shaming


Dogs are quite opportunisitc, as you can tell by this puppy. He saw a chance for some KFC chicken, and he took it, and honestly, if I was as cute as he is, I would too. What’s the downside? None. I get some chicken, and maybe one person is a little annoyed he has to share. But I’d get over it, after all, I’m adorable.

#3 Even the cat wants some


User AfterPaleontologist2 has said;

My dog’s begging decreased significantly when we started putting the human food directly in his bowl before we eat. He knows that it’s all he will get and not to bother sitting at our feet with the puppy eyes…instead he will stare from across the room lol

#4 Stolen pizza


User itsme_timd said;

One time I ordered some pizza and had a few slices then sat down to watch a movie I dozed off. A bit later my dog starts whining and nosing my hand, waking me up. I said, “Do you need to go outside?”, and she ran to the kitchen like she wanted out the back door. I got up and walked to the door but as I approached she turned and went to the counter where the pizza was, looked up at it, and barked. My dog woke me up to get her a slice of pizza.

#5 Cereal


This one is pretty funny to me. I always assumed dogs were more carnivorous than anything, so seeing the puppy sneak some licks for some milk and what appears to be cornflakes, is pretty amusing.

#6 Grills


#7 If you’re small, you gotta be clever

User Adriana Burkhart said;

I’m sure you give him lots of love and treats just the same! (Looks like he’s learned his way around the treat begging anyhow)

#8 The baby joined in


#9 Head on head.

#10 Bowls


An unknown user stated;

The family dog would carry her water bowl over to the stairs and drop it, making a ton of noise, to let us know she was thirsty. It’s the smartest thing she’s ever done, and as far as we can tell she learned the behavior all herself.

#11 Mosiac

#12 Pleading


#13 Across the table

#14 Sad stare


Use xroarxx said;

You misunderstand, he’s trying to relay the importance of the food, he is literally dying of hunger right before your eyes, so what do you do? You reap that sweet sweet karma. Your dog will never forget.. and he will never forgive. SOON

#15 Sniff sniff

#16 Fries


#17 Teeth

#18 Across the table


#19 Frown

#20 Lapdog.


#21 Samoyeds

#22 Pizza


#23 Bowls

#24 Lying down


User The_World_Is_Good stated;

Hopefully I do enough good this lifetime to come back as a floppy dog in the next.

#25 Tail wag

#26 Drowning in puppy


#27 Under the table

#28 Bag dog


#29 Spaghetti

#30 Samoyeds


#31 Armchair plead

#32 Two for one


#33 Side-eye beg

#34 Table lick


User LunaCumberbitch explained;

My dog loves popcorn. I work at a cinema and bring it home sometimes just for him, he’s crazy for it!

#35 Pot sniff

#36 Pizza pug


#37 Feet holding

#38 Lapdog


#39 Lick

#40 Sneaky pizza


#41 Wide-eyed begging

#42 Hotdog

#43 Fences

#44 Samoyeds

#45 Bulldogs

#46 Trying not to cry

#47 Lick

#48 Samoyeds

#49 Hidden begging

#50 Excited yelps

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