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35 Hilarious Parenting Memes And Tweets From Parents That Are Completely Done

Nothing is funnier than the parenting memes and Tweets.

New week, new memes. We are back with the funniest parenting memes and tweets of this week and we are sure you would enjoy them too. No week is complete without the dad jokes and moms’ humor. Parenting is hard af and parents have come up with good puns. When parents use humor to let the world know about their experiences, the results are completely hilarious. Today, we have made a compilation of dad jokes, moms’ puns, parenting tweets and memes from some of the best moms and dads around the world. Scroll down to unlock hilarity.


1. Someone has got a point here.

Via: emily_tweets

2. Is it because SANTA wraps the presents in our house?


Via: snarkybreeders

3. Mom, stop calling me the C word.


Via: sarabellab123

4. True that.


Via: MamaNeedsACoke

5. When you are busy making plans and all of a sudden remember that you have kids.


Via: pro_worrier_

6. When you do not have the energy to wrap the presents.


Via: mommyneedsalife

7. All those crazy demands.


Via: realtoughdad

8. It’s that time of the year.


Via: crockettforreal

9. When the decision is too hard to make.


Via: dadandburied

10. Have you ever been paid for opening the dryer?


Via: imightbefunny1

11. When you are getting in the holiday spirit.

Via: sarcastic_mommy

12. When at the end of “Home Alone”, dad fins Harry’s gold teeth:


Via: cynicalparent

13. Reminders with swearwords.

Via: howtobeadad

14. When someone asks about your plans for the holiday break.


Via: satiricalmommy

15. All of us in the winter.

Via: momsbehavingbadly

16. Why don’t they make medicines for adults that would taste like bubble gum?


Via: messagewithabottle

17. Dark but hilarious.

Via: dadmann_walking

18. When you and your partner were first met on the internet:


Via: whineandcheezits

When you are the parent and you are trying to teach your kids that we should not talk to strangers. Not in real life and not even online so that your kids do not get manipulated by any wrong person but you are forgetting an important fact that who you are teaching it to? Your kids. They are your kids and probably smarter than you. Little do you know that they know your secret that how you and dad met the first time. Kids’ reply is hilarious and we are sure there must have been pin-drop silence after that reply. LOL. Not only parents are funny but sometimes kids also come up with hilarious reactions. Scroll down to enjoy some of the more funny parenting Tweets and memes.

19. When the competition between mom and kid is high.

Via: momlikethatpodcast

20. How to fight dad:


Via: raddad

21. Dads love smoking.

Via: classicdadmoves

22. Keep the Christmas and birthday gifts separate. Thank you.


Via: sixfootcandy

23. Your kid has got bigger plans for the winter break.

Via: ksujulie

24. When you want to be a little creative with the cookies.

Via: sassypiehole

25. Four-year old excited  to walk without mommy and daddy.

Via: kevinthedad

Clearly, the kiddo is fed up of walking with mommy and daddy.

26. When you love NSYNC’s holiday album:

Via: momandburied

27. Take notes: Do not forget to wrap batteries with the presents.


Via: kids_kubed

28. Joe lean, Joe lean, Joe leannnn….

Via: dadsaysjokes

29. Kids are annoying.


Via: HenpeckedHal

30. Favorite scene ever!

Via: noideadaddyblog

31. Aww kiddo is helping mommy with the school project.

Via: mommajessiec

32. Who would you invite? Mom or dad?


Via: marriageandmartinis

33. Rest in peace.

Via: momjeansplease

34. Holiday treat for the family.

Via: simoncholland

35. We get it Amazon Prime!


Via: maryfairybobrry

36. Every family has one drunk uncle.

Via: momof1anddone

37. Does your food take a bath?

Via: XplodingUnicorn

The only way you can add fun to your hectic parenting routine is by making funny memes and cracking jokes. We love how these parents have a funny angle to see their daily life experiences. Are your parents this funny? Do they make you laugh or you are the one making them laugh the whole time? We always enjoy reading the hilarious parenting memes and Tweets, what about you? Comment down to let us know which of these memes and tweets had you laughing?


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