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48 Funniest Cat Memes That’ll Cheer You Up

Two of our favourite things in the same place.

When you’re bored, what do you do on the Internet? If the answer is anything other than scrolling on social media and laughing at memes, you’re lying. Memes have kept our generation fresh. No matter how dead we are inside, we always have time for a little bit of humour and it helps put a smile on people’s faces. So looking at memes can really lighten up your mood if you’re feeling low. It is a good distraction that can keep you occupied for even hours. We also look towards cats to cheer us up whenever we are upset. These little furballs really know how to make us smile or laugh. They are pure and precious and they must be protected at all costs.

So what do you get when you mix your favourite things together? Cat memes, of course. They are only the best kind of memes out there! So if you were feeling a bit down today, you have come to the right place. Scroll down below to see 48 cat memes that’ll cheer you up:

1. Smaller version of me.

Via sofluffysoyummy

2. I am the alpha.


Via u/Adam-Parkison

3. Cool ink, bro.


Via The Trollercoaster

4. Is your cat okay?


Via _KingMeme_

5. Stop hoarding it!


Via @alienwithnojob

6. He clearly wants her to back off.


Via HomWapko

7. Her hair gets in the way.


Via @thegallowboob

8. I’m hungry!


Via JustinUT79

9. My brain has stopped working.


Via u/_nr_7

10. Cats sit in the most unusual places.


Via u/WaelZg

11. Little fella looks really happy.

Via zeldawallpapers

12. Warm and fluffy pillow.


Via hitmewithcute

13. Talk about it with us.

Via jackrat

14. What time is it?


Via u/Sd-Broly

15. She is confused.

Via banom

16. Loads of puns.


Via u/chrisda_boi

17. I will never be good enough.

Via u/marie_juan_a

18. Looks like a tough guy.


Via las

19. Cats are liquid. This is proof.

Via u/Tough-Stomach-5370

20. The face of evil.


Via zeldawallpapers

21. They always win.

Via zeldawallpapers

22. Close enough.


Via zeldawallpapers

23. Oh no! Where did it go?

Via zeldawallpapers

24. He looks so pleased with himself.


Via u/ChazaySSB

Cats are a blessing. They are such interesting creatures and they can entertain you for hours. You will never be bored with a furry feline friend around. A cat’s positive energy can be felt by everyone around them and their shenanigans know no end. If you don’t have a cat already, what are you waiting for? Scroll down below for more cat memes:

25. The void is on your bed.

Via zeldawallpapers

26. Well, it is better than sponges.


Via zeldawallpapers

27. It is mine now.


Via zeldawallpapers

28. So fluffy!

Via todays-dreamer

29. I’ll think about it.


Via worldatarms

30. It still has so much hair.

Via vampirefuuuker

31. Keep your body-shaming comments to yourself.

Via las

32. Yum.


Via anonymous

33. Aggressive steps.

Via 56789645198

34. Yeah, sure. No, I don’t.

Via u/AwwCatsDotCom

35. Take me back to Wonderland.


Via u/Banderbunni

36. This is very true.

Via u/ZubinJohnson

37. Do you not understand me, worthless human?

Via u/idea4granted

38. Will this ever end?


Via u/echoesact69

39. Pin drop silence.

Via u/legendofzegend27

40. Quick! Act normal!

Via u/loganfholer

41. You’re dead.


Via u/DungusTheChungus

42. Tell me how to shut down my brain.

Via u/ChewbaccasHairyPP

43. Cat plans.

Via zeldawallpapers

44. Not fun when it’s your turn, is it?


Via storyboardsucks

45. Thinking cat.

Via rotating_aww_512

46. The toxicity continues for generations.

Via FoulerFerret

47. Pspsps. Come out, kitty.


Via stingb

48. Congratulations on your new cat.

Via ilovememesman

Do you have any cat memes to share with us? Let us know in the comments below.


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