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People Share The Hilarious Differences In ‘My Parents Vs Me’ Tweets

Different generations are not labelled differently without any reason. Each generation has its own way of living and viewing the world. One generation’s lingo is completely different from the other ones. We all can see the obvious differences that are present between Generation Z and Millenials. We can also see the overwhelming difference between Generation Z and the baby boomers. And as we all know, the way of living that Generation Z has chosen is to make everything into a trend. A thread on Twitter started which was called the “My parents VS Me” challenge. The challenge is no big brainy but is actually very simple. This challenge was open for Millennials and Generation Z to participate and post their parallels with their boomer parents. The purpose of this trend was to see how much generational change exists between the different generations. The younger generations of Millenials and Generation Z are supposed to share their current self’s picture beside the picture of their parents when they were the same age as current the child is currently.


As we all know, things were quite different without parents they would not delay important milestones of life e.g. graduation and marriage. A lot of people graduated early and started jobs at a young age. Most importantly, people used to marry very early in old times. Pictures revealed how most of the parents by the age their children are currently in. While the kids are single or unmarried at the age of 24, the parent was married and had a kid by the age of 24 in their time. It is almost hilarious to see how different kids are at ages that were thought to be the mature ages in past. Scroll below to check these adorable comparisons between parents and children!

Just the perfect example of how different people were in old times and how people are today! People age 24 were not as goofy as people aged 24 now. I mean, these pictures testify to this. This guy’s parents were married by age 24 and seem a lot older because of the maturity on their face, no offence. Whereas the kid looks like an absolute kid. He is 24,t the same age as his parents when they got married but there’s absolutely no sign of maturity on his face.

1. Damn, married at 20?

via Bloody5Iveezy

I think we can all agree that the reason people are not marrying so early these days is that they are occupied with other things that they prioritize more. For example, a lot of people would be in their second year of college at the age of 20 and would not even be thinking of marriage. A lot of young people even swear off serious relationships until they are settled with a stable job. While the concept of marriage and raising children was instilled in people and particularly women before in past, people no longer believe in such things. They would rather have a successful career than only a marriage.

2. Got no husband but instead has a cute dog!

Via rachaelfayth

3. He is not even close to the grace and elegance that her parents are reflecting in their 20s. Here’s a grown-ass man cosplaying a jet!

Via heyelliotgreen

4. Damn, those devil ears. Children just seem more gangsta now, right? Her parents look so incredibly peaceful.

Via StefiRie

Even though the newer generation is not getting married like the old one, it does not mean they are on the wrong path. They do not want to live forever alone. Some intend to marry but not until they are financially settled. Others do not prefer marrying because they feel restricted in their dynamic. Some people also utilize their years of youth for good purposes like living their youth to the fullest. These hilarious pictures ahead show the huge difference between the two generations.

5. While the parents had a human kid at age 21, the children have a dog baby at age 21. All babies are babies! Their species should not be a matter of concern

Via _emogle

6. He snapped in those heels and shirt! Just noticing how different the parents look.

Via Skeletampire

7. While her parents were tying the not at her age, she has no issue being a single mom to this beautiful doggo for focusing on her career!

Via GraingerAlex

8. This girl is a baby herself, she does not need to birth to one…

Via JMendieta42

9. This guy introduced a new kind of baby to fill in the vacancy of an actual one.

Via JayEmVee_intheD

To be honest, now everyone thinks 23 is too early age for marriage. I mean, a person just graduates from college, why get into marriage so fast?

10. While her parents were being responsible adults with a child at 24, this person cannot get from wearing funny glasses.

Via bryyvette

11. Not gonna lie, the parents look like real versions of these toy characters.

Via moriirinn

12. This girl is really living her 20s!

Via _meeuh

13. Another picture of a person sticking to be the parent of a sweet animal baby instead.

Via batiderler

14. Sign up now!

Via yelakosmo

15. Her parents had full responsibility as parents and she is occupied doing silly things with masks on his nose.

Via mrthnndr

16. We could never imagine someone wearing that shirt in old times.

Via meganelliott11

17. Things that amused people aged 25 vs what 25 years old from now

Via Machin_Rose

18. Party then vs now!

Via _Kennethhhhh

19. How come people from old times look way more mature than people of the same in the present time.

Via 901omo

20. Damn, they had a kid at 18? People were not coming slow back in that time. It is good their child did not follow their parent’s path.

Via Sav27th

21. Here it is again, parents already coupled at just the age of 19 and their daughter is still eating alone at the restaurant!

Via eccemefe

22. How can a couple of 25 years look like they have a whole functional family and a beach house at Martha’s vineyard, but their 25-year-old son looks like he spends all his time at the casino?

Via Ayhanatesok

23. Can we just agree on how insanely adorable the parents look in the old picture?

Via HKrukewitt15

24. We’ve all been there Elena!

Via Duenas17Elena

25. Their smiles are literally the same.

Via 140harf

26. Self-care over marriage!

Via sandrakaldas

27. Chugging on wine? We would not suggest that vane

Via laa_chona

28. His parents got married too soon but can’t say we can complain. Looks like he is peaking at high school.

Via JosiahJC01

29. Hope he enjoyed his time at his parents’ wedding!

Via jevallee37

30. His parents were together and had two kids at the age of 24, and he looks like he does not even have the understanding of what a relationship is.

Via Loueezus

Wow, it was absolutely insane to see how some parents got married so weirdly early but the kids do not have similar priorities at that same age. People in the early twenties snow seem like those fresh graduates who are new to the world and are just learning how the real world works. And that is exactly how it is going. People in their early 20’s can only be seen focusing on their career days. And there before 20, well, leave them to high school drama and college hustle.

So what about you, are you at the age when your parents got married? Share your Parents vs Me photo with us!


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