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40 Times Shop Owners Hilariously Made Their Customers Laugh Out Loud

Are you planning to open a new business or searching for new ideas for your marketing strategies? We’ve got something for you!

Once you’ve established a business, the next step is marketing. A majority of the companies should keep investing their profits into marketing strategies. Marketing and advertisement are an essential part of the business. They moreover make a brand stand out among all others in the market. Better the marketing, better the customer influx. Every business, small or big, puts its best in advertising what they are there for.


Every business wants itself to be taken as a serious business. However, gone are the days when marketing used to be all conventional and people would use the same old boring slogans and techniques to intrigue customers. It’s 2021 and people have become smart, so you must come up with an extraordinary marketing strategy to capture the attention of your customers. There are few times where business owners decided to be too straightforward when it comes to their marketing as well as an advertisement rather than sugarcoating the conventional stuff which their competitors are doing. Thanks to their great sense of humor which perfectly got blended with the shop slogans they came up with, for their businesses.

In our today’s agenda, we have gathered a collection of best shop slogans which customers loved capturing around – it depicts that even their products might not be too good but customers did get intrigued by their marketing skills! Anyway, we would love to visit each of these to give them an extra tip over their exemplary advertising!

1. Shaving sign took too literal

via DonOntario

2. Where were you all my life?

via  korvslask

Queen of avocados

3. “I am the man” — says himself

via EverythingFerns

“That’s exactly how you should appreciate the employee of the month” — says us

4. Don’t take it on yourself…

via  Mr_Hashtag

Yours might disappoint you but other kids won’t

5. We support new payment networks

via  Thranduill

Waffles? Let’s have breakfast tomorrow then

6. Wishing bubble *popped*

via darrenpauli

Reality check…

7. When Christmas is just around the corner

via mcledger

May your snowman noses are red as roses

8. Choices made easy

via Uubbeerr

Adjust your coffee cups according to your sleeping plans

9. Starbucks toilet brush holder at Starbucks

via daviedrew

We are the originals, we don’t use other brands

10. “Someone At The Arts & Crafts Store Has A Warped Sense Of Humour”

via  London-Queen

11. Mouse-trappers

via gerclar

Pretty proficient at their work!

12. Are we reeling a horror movie here?

via HecHunter97

That’s creepy

13. What’s a salad without pizza?

via  nevermatter
Advertisement by UDM

And from here onwards no one ever left their salad out…

14. Perfect product description

via olliepots

Good marketing tactic!

15. Emotionally blackmailed

via  TheSeekerOfPeace

16. Just being honest

via aubergineoctopus

This coffee makes me fly through the morning without even waking me

17. Smartly played

via obviousplant

we were just making sure

18. Just in case you walk in without noticing the mainboard, it’s a salad bar

via no_sam

The deers might seem offensive to the vegans, just sayin’…

19. Hence the ‘ I-scream’

via Glypshmergle

Makes sense…

20. How do you silently scream for coffee? You yawn

via  lansingcycleguy

Now I get why are yawns silent…

You definitely want your customers to remember your set-up, hereby, coming up with indigenous shop signs that’ll make it a memorable experience for your customers is just like covering an extra mile towards your success. They might also snap out those funny pointers, which might gain you an extra customer… Who doesn’t like that?

Keep scrolling to see some more of the funniest as well as accurate shop slogans the owners could think of!

20. A die-hard skateboard fan

via ChuckL3M0str3

Haven’t seen something more accurate than this on the internet throughout the day

21. We were just making sure

via actually_oh

22. We are sorry…

via  Lvl100Magikarp

Sorry for everything…

23. “cheesy puns”

via  Gin_Tonic

All the goodness in the world is made of cheese, in fact

24. Just a warning

via Egorwild1

25. What ya’ lookin’ for?

via perpetual_wanderlust

Too done serving the people

26. Make sure to keep your love life a bit longer, because these tattoos ain’t going away soon

via blinkf2

Long-lasting tattoos and an ex’s name, a deathly combo indeed…

27. Beware!!

via  mitchellwaldron

To be safe, better act like humans

28. They offer all kinds of cones

via  -Papadil-

I’ll have a pine cone with vanilla ice cream, thank you!

29. Naughty advertising

via  Moofisilla

Dirty cucumbers

30. “Animal cruelty”

via  hartnauc

31. I donut care

via jimmyjamsd

32. The cops might get you

via buckwheatwaffle

Proof I donut require

33. Labeling is mandatory taken too serious

via DelicateLadyQueefs

“Health Inspector Said, ‘Everything Has To Be Labeled,’ So I Labeled It”

34. Never knew bee vomit tasted like honey

via Landerah

Some bee vomit over my waffles, please

35. Watch your food habits instead of asking us for nutrition profile

via  abk03

Guilty eating

36. Smack em down

via 123comicbro

37. Finally the answer to ‘I don’t know what I want to eat’

via Pm_me_some_dessert

Every parent’s best daydream

38. When a stepmom marries a real father

via  Fluke_Maestro

It’s your step ladder

39. We fix everything other than doorbells

via  inferiix

They mean it!

They aren’t taking it easy. Serious business requires some serious marketing (not literally). It’s their humor that made their business go viral. By now you might have a clear idea of how important it is to have thought of ‘on-point advertising ideas.

A usual boring shop name displayed on the board, well anybody can do that. What makes your merchandise stand out is how well do you project it. Speed up your thinking guns and get to some serious business, think of something which would turn heads to look back at your shop just once more.

So, you must always spread smiles across miles! We’re sure you must’ve got great ideas for your store by now, make sure to share them with us in the comments below. We might be your next customer or worst case scenario even if your products aren’t too good itself, you will still be getting 10/10 for your marketing skills!


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