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50 People Who Are Having A Miserable Day Than You And Here Are The Photos Of The Hilarious Fails

Some days are more miserable than others.

Having a rough Monday? A bad day at work or school? Had a fight with someone? Well, do not feel bad about your day because we are here to give you a lil bit of comfort. You will soon start feeling good about your day. You are not the only one who is having a bad day. People are having a worse day than you. We are not kidding you; nothing can be as bad as these people are dealing with. Imagine jumping chollas attacking you, someone breaking into your car to steal candies and chocolates or your dog licking the icing off the cake. Think one more time, are you having a bad day? Today, we have compiled a list of 50 people who are having a worse day than you. We are sure these miserable fails will make you laugh. Keep scrolling down.


1. “After a grueling day at work without food where I had to wait 4 hours for a sample to arrive which got canceled, I come home at 7pm to find all my shit in garbage bags cause the cleaners my landlord sent cleared the wrong apartment.”

Via: km1180

2. “My friends apartment got shot up at 2am by a random hoodlum”


Via: Zehaldrin

3. “In NSW Australia this poor woman’s house burnt down in a flood.”


Via: Sacktimus_Prime

4. When the way back to your home is blocked by cute yet angry sea lions:


Via: NanoArowanaTank

5. “Welp, I almost fell into a sinkhole under my porch. I caught myself on the edge of the hole, from my chest down was just dangling beneath me. Below the opening the hole is about 10’ wide and 15’ deep. Fun fact I watched the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth yesterday.”


Via: Punk_Chachi

6. When you have been wondering why your watch stopped working:


Via: darthtankerous

7. Jumping chollas in action:



8. Someone broke into his car to steal candies and toys he bought for his 4-year-old students:


Via: ZeldaPinkPup

9. When you are moving to Australia and everyone warns you about spiders and snakes but no one warns about an ant’s bite:


Via: NefariousMuppet

10. “Moving across the country in a few weeks, invited my friends to a farewell bbq. All canceled or just didn’t show”


Via: erokitel128

11. “My essay got a 0 because the person thought I copied from the internet. Turns out it was MY OWN POST which I posted some hours later.”

Via: DaniDan257

12. When you are about to sleep and notice some dots on your wall:


Via: captainbluebear25

13. When you bake a cake and your dog licks the icing off:

Via: gwarfunkle

14. “Bought a PS5 for my son’s birthday. Someone at UPS swapped it out with a rock”



15. “I don’t paint often, so I was really proud of myself for remembering to wear gloves this time.”

Via: BugsRFeatures2

16. When you are babysitting your cousin and her dad tells you that dinner is in the freezer:

Via: Kandiblu

Wow, yummy dinner. Broccoli and battery.

17. When you have to go to work and the roads look like this:

Via: Marko_90

18. When you come back to realize you parked your bike under the wrong tree:


Via: Nordic_Plant_Lover

19. “Had an air purifier running for over a year with the filter covered in plastic the whole time”

Via: coloradopowpow

20. “Was getting ready for bed, walked into my bedroom to this.”


Via: Imterrifiedofsharks

21. “Neighbor just got a Supra a few weeks ago.”

Via: wykdtr0n

22. If disappointment had a face:


Via: benznhoj

23. “Japan’s “Killing Stone” breaks in half after 1,000 years. Legend has it that the demonic spirit trapped inside is now free to wreak havoc on the land”

Via: Lily0727K

24. “Consequences of working in a -10°C lab where I have to wash my hands 40 times a day”

Via: sizzle-cream

25. “was wondering how the dogs water bowl kept getting refilled…..welp.”

Via: dreamybaths

Some days are better than others and some days are more miserable than others. Having bad days is a part of life. We can not change a bad day, no matter what we do but we can at least change the way we look at our bad days. When life gives you a bad day, make sure to have a good laugh at it. Stop blaming yourself for baking or a cooking fail, stop blaming others or the destiny. It happens to all of us and it is okay to have a bad day. As long as it does not make you a bad person, it is fine to have miserable fails. Keep scrolling for more hilarious fails.

26. When you drive three hours to go to the Grand Canyon:


Via: Hey_Its_Me_23_

27. Someone ate my passport:



28. “I’m a high school teacher and my apartment window just got egged. I thought they liked me”

Via: Apprehensive-Ant8202

29. When your company gives you an off-day for your exceptional performance:


Via: broadwayguru

30. “I’ve been looking for my glasses for 3 days.”

Via: sh4ggyguy

31. “The wind took the C away…”

Via: Ian_A17

32. “Our smoke alarm caught on first in the middle of the night”


Via: VariousConflict5090

33. “Was washing a (very sharp) greasy piping tip at work. Slipped right onto my finger before I could stop it”

Via: abby_petty

34. “Someone’s luggage just chilling on the tarmac – DFW”

Via: DamnTheAdmiralty

35. “I was cruising about 50mph, then the plastic snapped”


Via: GardenGnome25

36. “Bought one of those ear cleaners with a camera and just pulled out a contact lens. I have no idea how long it was in there.”

Via: jewbaca1984

37. “This dog ate my neighbors food delivery”

Via: Gumpyyy

And there is no shame on his face.

38. “HelloFresh: “One teaspoon chili flakes””


Via: ZacKaffeine

One teaspoon would be a lot. Add half teaspoon.

39. “There was a blizzard last night so we decided to check on our car…”

Via: justinmillerco

40. “What i asked for vs what I got. $400 and I feel like an idiot.”

Via: Vegemiteonpikelets

41. Owner left the car to defrost, someone stole the car and crashed it:


Via: eReadingAuthor

42. “Some Monday’s are harder than the rest.”

Via: tink_84

43. “You know when people ironically say they’re allergic to work? Apparently I’m allergic to my own sweat.”

Via: yamarho

44. “Recently tried an expensive rental clothing subscription. UPS threw the package of clothes/bags into my backyard. I have two puppies.”


Via: Mckinzel

45. Someone’s laundry did not go well:

Via: Cannabace

46. “Left our totally normal house to run errands. Came back an hour and a half later to this.”

Via: Station28

47. What wind did to this poor guy:


Via: Georgebateman15

48. When your boss has a way to turn everything into a joke:

Via: orangebob999

49. A scaffolding smashed into Big Ben just some days after £80 Million makeover was disclosed:

Via: Godley2

50. When the Nutella is frozen and you try heating it up a little:

Via: aintx

“The new jar of Nutella my girlfriend tried to heat in the microwave”

Have you ever had a bad day? Share your hilarious fails with us in the comments section down below because who would not want to laugh?


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