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27 Times Cats Were Caught Red Handed In The Middle Of Their Acts

Cats are great at making a mess.

Which we all know they do intentionally. I mean, we have all seen the videos where cats are agile enough to move through several bottles without even tipping one. That just goes to show that cats are actually quite adept at agility and only do this sort of stuff to annoy us. Because they know we will love them regardless even if they break everything in our sight and ruin our expensive furniture. Can you tell, I am a bit bitter? Anyway, today we are going to take a look at the shenanigans cats get up to.


Usually, we see the aftermath of their antics and it is always messy. However, this time we get to catch them red-handed and it is just as glorious as it sounds. Even if it doesn’t matter in the end. After all, it is not as if we are ever going to punish our beloved fluff balls. So just scroll below and take a look at what these cats were doing to mess with their humans.

I would warn you not to read this if you have a cat and drink a lot of beverages in cups.

#1 It might be a code.


#2 It’s still cleaner than a sibling dunking the brush in the toilet.

Via courtneyconquer

#3 Maybe he is trying to fertilize the soil?

Via AllieGoertz

#4 We never see it coming.

Via m8urnett

#5 At least he is not buying her bathwater.

Via peterparkTV

#6 He is deconstructing the dish.

Via Jocelyn_Mettler

#7 He looks like he is summoning a demon.

Via maddie_167

#8 That always happens.

Via Wook316

#9 That hurts my soul.

Via duragflap

#10 It is of course the first time. Not like she does it every time.

Via jesslynnrose

#11 We are all proud of different things.

Via nancywyuen

#12 Are we even surprised at this behavior?

Via negaoryx

#13 So did he drag away the shoe at the end anyway?

Via mattie_rogers

All of these antics might seem like cats are doing it to annoy us. But in reality, cats just want attention and are curious by nature. So they will throw things not because they are agents of chaos (which they are) but because they want to see what happens. They are just like human babies as they are discovering everything for the first time and rarely do they learn from their first time.

However, it isn’t impossible to train them. Although it is hard.

#14 That would just scare me when I clean the box.

Via Keanu_Official

#15 This is why it is necessary to cover your cup with something.

Via nonplayercat

Or drink your beverage while it is scalding hot.

#16 So did she like it though?

Via jenniferlee_75

#17 That is one way to get beauty sleep.

Via ChillboBagginzz

#18 How could one embarrass their cat like that!

Via elizaskinner

#19 Where did the loaf of bread come from?

Via cmclymer

#20 Cats don’t really have what one would call a refined palate.

Via chrissyfarr

#21 Why, just why?

Via itsashleyoh

#22 Every cat is a master thief.

Via Fawnduu

#23 They are making their own fun.

Via UnburntWitch

#24 Lot of people drinking cat paw drink, it seems.

Via ellle_em

#25 What else was she supposed to do? Not get angry?

Via BacklineNurse

#26 That is one surprise she does not like.

Via welikekittens

#27 I hope they aren’t broken because glasses are expensive.

Via Nnedi

What is the weirdest thing you have caught your cat doing? Share your misery with us by commenting down below.


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