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20 Times People Saw Unpleasant Things And Wanted To Unsee Them But Failed

20 Times People Saw Unpleasant Things And Wanted To Unsee Them But Failed

Life is not a bed of roses; we all have terrible days.

We cannot always have a happy life. Some days are better, some are terrible and this is what life is all about. You have to go through bad days of your life to get happier and better days. If you are having a bad day, just know that you are not alone. There are people who are having worse days than you. People have seen such unpleasant things in life that they want to unsee them but cannot do it. Today, we have compiled the experiences of 20 such people. Scroll down to have a look at them to feel a little better.


1. “How my sister cuts lemons…”

Source: MarieThePan

Is your sister 1 year old? Has she got only one arm? Was the knife not sharp enough? Well, whatever, she didn’t treat the lemons nicely.

2. “Tenants called today to tell me the toilet wouldn’t flush, plumber turned up to this”


Source: 1111race22112

Seems like someone left the scented candles on and complained that the toilet would not flush.

3. “Well there is a water snake living in my toilet somehow”


Source: TheEerieZeroQueen

That’s the biggest fear of my life. Please, check the toilet before you sit.

4. “This just happened when I took my bananas out of a bag”



When life gives you bananas, make banana bread and enjoy.

5. “While looking for a file in my coworker’s drawer, I found this… thing.”



Your coworker definitely needs a gum box or a separate drawer to collect these gums.

6. Hide and Seek:


Source: snappiness

Seems like someone is not going to brush their teeth for days.

7. “Sunlight through the window melted my keyboard”


Source: thecheesycheeselover

You need to change the window blinds.

8. “It’s so hot in my apartment that my candles are melting.”


Source: wurstmuesli

You need to turn the AC on.

9. “You win this time, carrot…”


Source: Weedberg

Looks like he was cutting his knife with carrots. Carrots have done a great job.

10. “I got charged per onion ring and not all the rings cost the same amount”


Source: feeshodoom

Why would you eat so many onion rings? No one wants to sit on a wet toilet seat, no one wants their knife to split into half while they were cutting vegetables. Imagine your biggest fear coming into reality. Imagine a snake popping out of the toilet. What would you do then? Would you be able to go to the same bathroom again? We are sure, you would never dare to do this.

11. “My partner borrowed my car for a few days, and gave it back like this”

Source: kt-gd

You should never give your car to your friend again. Some people do not deserve kindness.

12. Whoever designed this toilet deserves to be punished:


Source: Jonwyattearp

Who would dare to sit on this toilet in winter?

13. “That last turn before I arrived with the chili”

Source: thecoolamps

Drive slow or get a closed container.

14. “Turned off power for a week while traveling and forgot about food in the fridge. Came back to this”


Source: ssigea

I can relate to it because it has happened to me once. Has it ever happened to any of you? Let us know in the comment section down below.

15. “I selected a window seat to avoid human contact”

Source: SolomonGunnEsq

16. “The way my roommate ate my pie”


Source: BiggIrlCrUnK

No better revenge than eating someone’s apple pie from the center.

17. “I gave a kid a pencil, this is how I got it back.”

Source: donut_man7736

18. “So I walk into my office this morning…”


Source: sobo19

It’s better to walk out of this office rather than walking in.

19. “This is my view from the bathroom floor, looking at the hole in the ceiling I just fell through.”

Source: StickyMcdoodle

The dog has run from the bedroom to see if you are okay.

20. Our employers are so caring:


Source: Met76

If you were having a bad day, we can hope this article made your day better. Share with us your unpleasant moment in the comment section down below!!

Enjoy this adorable dog tax:

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