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19 People Who Got Unexpected Surprises When They Wanted A Pet

Having a pet is a real stress reliever. It has even been proven by various researches and studies. But when unexpected things start happening, it kinda gives you a major shock, doesn’t it? These unexpected surprises are a cause of confusion for these animal lovers.


These pet owners went through something similar when their cute little pet grew bigger than expected or … grew hair when they weren’t supposed to. We can only wonder how confused they must’ve been. But because they were such big animal lovers, the confusion didn’t last very long.

Here are pictures of very confused but very happy pet owners and their stories;

1. “We were told that this was a toy terrier.”

2. “This is Fubla, the Sphynx cat. She was bald when she was a kitten but then she started to suddenly grow fur.”


Its a sheep cat now.

3. “I was actually buying a poodle, but so much time has passed since then.”


4. “This is my so-called Shar-Pei.”


5. “Are you a poodle or dachshund? I don’t think we’ll ever know.”


Look at those tiny little legs. So adorable!

6. “This is the ’poodle’ my sister presented to our parents.”


The cutest smile ever.

7. “We were assured that he would not grow heavier than 4.4 lb. But the dog weighs 15.4 lb now and continues to grow. I think I got a polar bear.”


8. “My mother was told that it was a mixed breed of a hound dog and a chihuahua. 6 years have passed, but the chihuahua hasn’t revealed itself yet.”


Haha! He looks very disappointed.

9. “I was told that this was a chow-chow, and we didn’t think he’d grow up to be so big.”


10. “And this is my Persian cat…”


11. “I wanted to buy that dog but got this one instead.”

He woke up like this…

12. “This is my German Shepherd. He’s just short and wears makeup on his eyebrows.”


13. “’He’ll hardly grow, he will always be the size of a puppy,’ they told me.”

Advertisement by UDM

14. “We were told that he wouldn’t leave a lot of fur around the house.”


15. “We thought it was a little purebred puppy. But he turned out to be a 9-ft-long greyhound.”

16. “She was supposed to be a Persian cat. And I swear she looked like one when she was a kitten.”


Well, she’s still super fluffy though!

17. “My parents allowed me to get a dog because he was supposed to stay small. But no matter what, he’s still living with us.”

18. “I was told that she’d be a medium-sized dog. But now, I have a real pony running around my house.”


19. “Stop complaining, I got a gremlin instead of a dog.”

Extremely photogenic.

Well, these certainly were extremely unexpected. Do you know someone who went through something similar? Share these with them and let them know they aren’t alone.

These pets were still so adorable and we’re happy to know that they are loved no matter what! Let us know which one you found the best in the comments section below. Don’t forget to tag your friends and families.


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