50 Well Timed Pictures Of Cats That Were Being Overdramatic AF

These cats deserve an oscar for their performances. 

We all have that one friend who loves to be overdramatic when talking about literally anything. And no matter how much we may get annoyed by them sometimes, we still love them. Well, cats are that annoying friend. Sure, they do spill our things, sit on our food, and scratch the heck out of our skin, we can’t help but love them.


And that is why we are taking a look at some of the most over-dramatic acting we have seen from cats. Which is unusual, to say the least, since cats are inherently dramatic creatures. I won’t waste your time any longer. So take a look by scrolling below.

#1 She is not amused.

Via francisquinha

“Am I A Joke To You, Karen?”

#2 I would be just as surprised.

Via SadBoiThatEatsKo

#3 When did you get that new furniture?

Via Snufffaluffaguss

#4 Giving a time-out to yourself.

Via speedycat2014

I Shooed Him Off My Lap And He Gonna Be A Little B***h About It.

#5 When you desperately need that insurance money.

Via sodik.gurih

#6 The forever surprised and sad expression.

Via TheDreamGhoul

#7 She regrets getting out in the snow.

Via Handro

#8 I wanna know what she is looking at.

Via Handro

“Omg! What The Hell Is That Thing!?!”

#9 Let me in Hooman!

Via BruceLehmann8

Our Cat Was Forgotten Outside. She Activated Our Video Doorbell To Come In.

#10 Why are your legs so soft?

Via SavagePotatoCat

#11 That is a glare even I am afraid of.

Via jaudi813

#12 ‘Do not let me fall!’

Via averagehomosapien

Trying To Teach My Daughter To Hold The Cat Properly And Captured This Gem.

#13 Was that a sneeze or something else?

Via Cereal-Grapist

#14 Did you forget about my dinner?

Via thegoldenthumbb

#15 ‘Help me hooman!’

Via hotokeYK

Shia Caught By A Shark.

#16 Nothing for you to see here.

Via jaspermatt

Felt Like I Was Interrupting A Cat Drug Deal Today.

#17 When you watch the news for the first time.

Via Rishacat

#18 ‘How dare you to touch me with the same hands!’

Via grumpy_kitzia

When Your Human Dared To Pet Another Animal. Don’t Even Touch Me, Betrayer. Ugh

#19 I only want to stay outside.

Via grfckrn

Every Morning, Simba’s Allowed To Tan On The Balcony. But When It’s Time To Go Back Inside, He Screams.

#20 Praise the Lord.

Via tollyboy22

#21 Her own face is scaring the heck out of her?

Via redditmeman

#22 ‘I’m stuck, help me hooman!’

Via cutecatsinspace

#23 A cat going on a walk? Color me surprised.

Via snerdie

Melvin Demanded A Walk. Then This Happened. I Had To Carry Him Home. (He’s Fine, He’s Just A Drama Queen)

#24 My legs are tired.

Via Evanescence81

#25 The perpetual confused face.

Via PyrateHooker

#26 ‘I hate this mask and the one who’s wearing it.’

Via wafflesthewonderbunz

#27 Feed me right now!

Via kerrycooper

#28 When you don’t know whats happening around you.

Via Amanda Lowther

#29 Wait, How did I get in here.

Via nicegirlsneedlepoint

Demands To Get Into Car. Proceeds To Be Shocked She Is In The Car.

#30 ‘Who are you and why are you touching me?’

Via __queeny__

#31 The wasp is aiming for the eyes.

Via ruthelizabethrooney

#32 When you have seen too much.

Via friendly.noodles

#33 The first war cry.

Via halfwaycrate

Henrietta Would Like Your Support In Declaring War. She’s Not Sure What She’s Against, But She’s Sure It’s Important.

#34 When you hear voices in the middle of the night.

Via Thatpurplgrrl

#35 When the mirror speaks the truth.

Via kate9871

I Know How You Feel, Rosco, I Know How You Feel.

#36 Why not just lick yourself clean?

Via glory_whole_hero

#37 Did you forget about me?

Via flicus

This Is Fridge. She Would Like To File A Formal Complaint With The Staff About Feeding Schedules.

#38 What is that smell?

Via DrBirdBrain

#39 No chair for the doggo.

Via bart_and_maggie

#40 I will not eat these cucumbers.

Via paper-not-plastic

Tried To Get A Pic Of The Daily Garden Haul But It Was Also Her Dinner Time.

#41 What even is it?

Via tang9599

#42 That facial expression is everything.

Via Siri_Keeton

#43 Nobody likes the doctor.

Via rethink_and_change

My Little Skittles Hates Driving To The Vet And Always Screams Like Crazy.

#44 Look at only me.

Via HayleyDoyle1216

“Mom! Mom! You Haven’t Given Me Attention For 1 Whole Minute!”

#45 What is that?

Via roserupertandmama

#46 I hate kisses the most!

Via Fireboss76

#47 She is too big to fit in it anyway.

Via everydayisfursday

“Nooooooo… I Like Sitting On It. Not In It!” — Phoebe

#48 She is ready for her treats.

Via thurstonwaffles

#49 I will vanish because of hunger.

Via oh_scouty

#50 When you don’t care who you’re squishing.

Via mcgillicuddygertrude

What do you think about these dramatic cats? Is your cat similar when it comes to acting over-dramatic? Let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to share your daily cat love with your friends.


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