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Hilarious Stories Of How Pet Owners Accidentally Conditioned Their Pet

You don’t always have to train your pet.

Many pets learn a lot of things on their own. However, whether that is a good or a bad habit depends upon what you do in front of them. While it is a good thing to wanna train your pet so they don’t completely ruin your house, sometimes we inadvertently teach them things.

That is why when one Reddit user asked the Internet how they have accidentally conditioned their pet? Many people obliged by providing their owns stories. So don’t let me bore you with my babble any longer and scroll on below to take a look for yourself.

Source: Reddit

An accident can turn into something beautiful.


#1 It is kind of your fault if I am being honest.


My cat does something very similar, except the lightswitch she played with was one that controlled the outlet that the router was on.

Little shit would turn off the internet when she wanted attention. –KhantoJelV

#2 More food is always more food.


I feel like this is the EXACT type of answer this question was fishing for, lol. –controlledinfo

#3 Doggos never understand that they are not a lap pupper anymore.


#4 I think this is a good habit.


My cat will not kill bugs. She stares at them, follows them around, and will paw at them (w/o claws) but won’t hurt it. I would love to be able to get her to kill a damn water bug but she thinks they’re just toys. –CatsRuleHoomansDrool

#5 Ice is the best, especially in summer.


#6 If only all pets could learn this by heart.

My brother taught his Golden Retriever that when he said “Clean up” she gathered all her toys into the toy bucket. She’d get the ones outside the house as well. She also knew his name, my name, and his gfs name so if you said “Go get (name)” she’d find whoever you said, we’d play hide and seek with her like this. –thinkdogsshouldvote

#7 He might not like the water but he sure does like to float.


#8 This is a win-win situation for both.

Similar, I grab my dogs snout when she barks through excitement. Only lightly, she can pull away easily.

Now whenever she barks with excitement, she looks at me and sticks her muzzle in my hand lol

If shes excited or scared of anything, laying with her snout in my hand calms her down too. –monkeyfant

#9 A good boy indeed!


My cat just licks his post like a weirdo and scratches the couch.. –Nimphaise

#10 There is always time for belly scratches.

#11 This is truly adorable.


#12 Such a clever bird.

I can imagine him doing it with someone else, keeping eye contact, only for them to watch this bird hanging and then dropping himself to the floor. –gareity

#13 He is just trying his best.


#14 This pandemic has made our pets quite happy.

Awww I love this family time. Does he get confused if your sister visits in person?

I also love the phrase “outside clothes” your dog knows fashion. He’s like “dang girl it’s that kinda day. All right let’s go honeyyyy!” –shoonpo

#15 Time for a well-earned walk.


#16 She is a proper lady and deserves a glass.

#17 This is the sort of passive-aggressiveness that I aspire to.


#18 I feel like my sneezes would terrify a cat.

My cat learned the hard way to head for cover when I start sneezing. I occasionally have sneezing fits, and I sneeze loudly. Now, if I just start to set up for a sneeze (squinty eyes, wrinkled nose), she will give me a wide eyed look like “Oh, shit! Here he goes again!” and jump down off the couch and run to the other room! LOL! –neamerjell

#19 We’ve got a chatty Cathy here.


Are there any particular things that you have accidentally taught your pet to do? Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to share with other pet loves.


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