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30 “Unwanted” Pets Who Won Over The Toughest Dads Around

What is it about dads that makes them refuse to have pets in their homes? And the day the pet is welcomed into the home, these four-legged babies and daddies become best friends.


The bond that exists between these four-legged babies and their human parents is just out of this world. No matter how tough or macho these men become, their newly adopted pets will always be able to make them cuddle with them and become great buddies. When we bring a furry friend into our home, they become the best part of our family. However, we’ve seen many family members who are hesitant about adopting a pet and they just don’t like to live with them. After some time together everything begins to change, and everyone eventually falls in love with the new furry member of the family.

These little ones never fail to melt our hearts. Most people who claim not to like such incredibly cute creatures will give you a slew of reasons why they don’t want to live with them, but sometimes all they need is the right four-legged campions to believe that these furry friends are the best buddies to live with. Similarly, scroll down to see how these dads adore their newly adopted pets in the photos below!

1. A happy dad who once said “No” to these tiny kitties.

Via  south_london_massive / Reddit

“We really don’t need another one.”

2. Nothing is better than seeing a dad hugging a newly adopted pet.

Via choccibigboi / Reddit

“There’s no way we’re getting another dog again!’ And then 6 months later, Vinnie joined our home.”

3. These pals are enjoying their favorite show.

Via PoodlePopXX / Reddit

“It’s too hot to have this dog sitting on me like this…’ I offered to call him over to me ’but no it’s okay…’ Here’s another angle of him with the spoiled boy he didn’t want.”

4. Aw! this dad let these kitties sleep on the lap without any interruption.

Via  kittykait2 / Reddit

“He used to hate cats. Now he ’doesn’t want to mistreat them by getting up.’”

5. Both of them look so happy and satisfied.

Via If_It_Fitz / Reddit

“Pupdate: My dad now swaddles/cuddles Louie (the dog) when there’s a thunderstorm.”

6. Daddy and Pig!

Via AndSayMyLandIsFair / Reddit

“Dad: ’Don’t get a pig!’ And here’s Dad and the pig…”

7. This boy can’t live without his cat.

Via Weassel_97 / Reddit

“I didn’t want a cat.”

8. Doggo and his man sharing the same pillow!

Via corruptrevolutionary / Reddit

“I think dads say they don’t want pets because they can’t handle the bond they form with them.”

9. Small dogs are the cutest!

Via stazz88 / Reddit

“He said small dogs were useless literally 30 minutes before this photo was taken.”

10. A Super Handsome Cat Dad!

Via catmummy_ / Reddit

“A perfect example of how opinions can change — today, he’s a cat dad!”

11. Deep talks!

Via carlycalamity / Reddit

“My dad rocking the cat who wasn’t allowed in ’his chair’ but here he is, looking pleased as a peach.”

12. Such a cozy picture.

Via headlessqueenanne / Reddit

“Keep that mongrel away from me!”

13. This dad loves to pet his tabby cat.

Via vonLudolf / Reddit

“He keeps threatening to ’put him back in the alley where he found him.’”

14. They both are finding a cat toy under this fridge.

Via  K8astrophe- / Reddit

“Against my dad’s wishes (and allergies), I brought a cat home 2 years ago. Here he is, laying down and fishing out cat toys from under the fridge with said cat.”

15. Hey teeny-weeny ferrets!

Via  strange_glitter / Reddit

“My boyfriend who ’doesn’t like rodents’ bonding with my 2 ferrets this weekend over a bit of raw egg — he calls them his babies now.”

We’re sure that your dad has said this sentence before, and you’ve probably witnessed it yourself: NO PETS ARE ALLOWED IN THIS HOUSE!

After that, you heard a voice from the garden shouting “Hey Doggo, grab that ball!” Yes, that’s daddy. Who once said no to these tiny creatures in the past, but now you will see them playing with them all day and at night you will see them snoring on the couch with a pet resting on their laps.

Keep scrolling down to have a look at these adorable dad-pet bonding!

16. Daddy’s black boy!

Via asfifi / Reddit

“After having no pets for 32 years, I begged for the last 2.5 years for a cat and he said, ’I just don’t know.’ Not even a week here, and he’s such a daddy’s boy already!”

17. Now this daddy treats this furry friend like his own baby.

Via Rogerthedragon / Reddit

“He’s not allowed in the house, on the new carpet, upstairs, and definitely not on the sofa!”

18. This pooch looks so comfortable…

Via K19081985 / Reddit

“If you get a new puppy, I won’t want anything to do with it. I won’t let it out. I won’t touch it. I won’t feed it. You’re fully responsible. I want nothing to do with it. Deal?”

19. Kitties are so precious.

Via kablade / Reddit

“The cat is always such a pest!” — my husband

20. A peaceful nap!

Via DontTreadOnStingrays / Reddit

“Don’t you dare get a cat, I hate cats.”

21. They are enough for each other, they don’t need anyone else.

Via elocin06 / Reddit

“We don’t need a third dog.”

22. That brows tho!

Via babynamehelpneeded / Reddit

“My dad says ’animals are for eating, not for pets.’”

23. A Giant Black Soft Pillow!

Via cwolf116 / Reddit

“From calling him ’the big black thing’ to ’I can’t get up yet, he’s using my arm as a pillow!’”

24. Is there a staring contest going on?

Via howtheturntables07 / Reddit

“My husband who didn’t want a cat loves our cat so much.”

25. No more pets, please!

Via  ChelBelle2017 / Reddit

“We have too many pets! No more!”

26. Purr-fect Nap!

Via  Lockshala / Reddit

“I hate cats. If you get a cat, I’m not going to visit.’ Now he comes with us on walks and lures her over with treats.”

27. This father was completely against getting a dog.

Via petaltothemetal36 / Reddit

“From ’We’re not keeping her, I’m taking her to the pound tomorrow,’ to rubbing her belly and putting his face against hers…”

28. This doggo is so photogenic!

Via  dochawk12 / Reddit

“I don’t want any extra responsibilities…but maybe just extra cuddles.”

29. The cutest thing you’ll see today is this tiny pup sleeping with his man.

Via  Fvllini / Reddit

“I would never sleep with a dog, I wouldn’t even acknowledge him.’ This is the first time they met. Now they sleep together from time to time.”

Are there any pets you’ve adopted despite not wanting them? If yes, do share your pet’s picture with us in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to share these pictures with your animal-loving friends to brighten their day!


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