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17 Times Pet Owners Had To Accept Their Pets Were “Broken”

17 Times Pet Owners Had To Accept Their Pets Were “Broken”

Pets can do anything g to bring a smile to our faces.

Animals are the most precious things on Earth. No matter how much we talk about animals, there would always be something new about animals to talk about. Animals do different things to make their hoomans happy. They would hide under the rug, sleep in the planter, get on the window and sit in weird positions. You would just look at them and start laughing instantly. Today, we have compiled 17 hilarious photos of animals that look like they are broken. Scroll down to enjoy!


1. “Genuinely, I’m not sure what Toast is doing.”

© skzhansol / Reddit

Toast is trying to show you how a crisscross is done.

2. Check out this deer in Nara, Japan, trying to eat the fence.


© Brandonmckz / Reddit

3. That’s how you sleep when you are a cat and have a planter in your house:


© there_isn_t_of_what / Reddit

4. “I think my cat has picked up on my gay limp wrist”


© overdue_panic / Reddit

Black cats have their own set of rules that other cats can not have.

5. When your dog thinks he is a squirrel:


© Kats-Doges / Reddit

6. When you are losing an argument:


© King_Lion / Reddit

Me: Who do you think you are?

7. “Does anyone else’s cat sit like this or are yours normal?”


© yungkrueger / Reddit

Can’t figure out how she is sitting like this.

8. When you are out of the door and see your owners getting romantic:


© FelecityIsMyName / Reddit

Boop the snoot moment. These pets would do anything to catch your attention and to be very honest, they do it effortlessly and unintentionally. It just happens and we cannot control our laugh after looking at their hilarious expressions. We never expected our furry friends to be this hilarious. We never knew one day, they would be copying us and making us laugh. Scroll down for more!

9. This is Charlie.


© highfivesandhandjobs / Reddit

He looks so pissed off.

10. “He’s about to speak Italian”


© fyae / Reddit

He will talk Italian, walk Italian and play Italian.

11. “My kitten stole a glove she found in another room, tried to climb the scratching post, and dropped it.”

© d*dsoulinside / Reddit

That’s what happens when you are not a professional thief but stealing for the first time.

12. Is that a giraffe sleeping on a couch?


© feathersoft / Reddit

13. When you go to the dishwasher to load it with dishes and your cat is already resting in it as if it belongs to her:

Advertisement by UDM

© MineCal / Reddit

14. Ducks showing their butts:


© lucyanna2019 / Reddit

15. When your pup jumps in the bathtub and then pretends as if she is stuck:

16. When you are playing hide and seek with your catto and he thinks he can’t be seen:


© GuessSmithereens / Reddit

17. When you are hungry and trying to steal food but fail and then you just sleep there:

© dear_omar / Reddit

Do you have a pet? Share its name and let us know what does your pet do to make you happy?


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