50 Weird Warning Signs That Will Give You The Creeps

You don’t always need a horror movie to creep you out.

Real-life can be just as scary. If you like to travel and explore the wild, you definitely know what fear is. Nature can be very unpredictable and there is a reason it is called the “wild.” Things aren’t easy out there. You don’t exactly get everything served to you on a silver platter. Life in the wild is tough, and the only warnings you can get are warning signs. That is also very rare. Sometimes you don’t even get a warning and it is just you vs. nature if you like things tough. Some signs aren’t meant to be scary or creepy but they just come off like that due to their wording or just the environment around them. If it weren’t for these warnings, a lot of lives would have been lost. And of course, there were lives lost before these signs were up… which is why they had to be put up in the first place.


If you have never come across a scary warning sign, first of all, thank god that you haven’t. And don’t worry, we have gathered a list of creepy warning signs that’ll make you feel weird by just reading them. Scroll down below to see 50 of these weird signs in the wild:

1. Would you want to mess around and see how?

Via Maus_Sveti

2. I wonder what’s behind that wall.


Via VinceLennon

3. They definitely delivered the message.


Via mgbenny85

4. Couldn’t be more precise than this.


Via Gecko-Saurus-Rex

5. When mother nature hates you.


Via IndecisivePuppy

6. Radioactive mines? Count me out.



7. Well, they are right. It will definitely not revive you.


Via dying_soon666

8. Oh boy, I don’t want to know what happened before they put up this sign.


Via maybenotquiteasheavy

9. When you’re just casually walking around and get shot.


Via rspix000

10. Is swimming worth getting a fatal disease?


Via CoolioThunderCrash

11. I guess it is time to obey the warning signs.

Via jjellison319

12. Big nope.


Via LonoThompson

13. This sign is actually true.

Via thickythickglasses

14. Not the brightest idea to take a picture here.


Via sammywammy53b

15. They may seem cute but you don’t want rabies, do you?

Via ira_finn

16. Why though?


Via Xchantharus

17. I think that clears the message that you shouldn’t be on the train tracks.

Via allibys

18. Radiation is a risk you shouldn’t take.


Via PrisonMike314

19. Do you want to freeze to death?

Via mirandanielcz

20. Are you completely sure about that?


Via mirandanielcz

21. Very professional.

Via naniscs

22. I want to know more about the siren and why it exists.


Via JayAlexRose

23. That is a nightmare.

Via albecoming

24. Time to change your path.

Via albecoming

25. Please tell us what’s “it”.

Via lchickadee

What were these people doing in these places anyway? This just seems like those signs from horror movies that people ignore and then later get themselves killed. If I see any of these signs, I am turning back. No way am I taking a risk with these things. We are only halfway through though. There are more creepy signs left for you to see. Scroll down below:

26. What is that supposed to mean?!


Via dburkart

27. Definitely wouldn’t want to swim or walk there.


Via JWHY1975

28. Do we need bulletproof windows in our cars?

Via tvt7995

29. The picture made it clear, thanks.


Via monkman75

30. How to accidentally murder someone.

Via frisbeepro

31. Better stay clear of these.

Via wintermadness423

32. Snails can be deadly too.


Via Youradverthere

33. I’ll keep that in mind.

Via alxhllr

34. How fast can you run?

Via plsdontstopmenow

35. So you’ll break your teeth and knees?


Via das065

36. What a snitch.

Via razzertto

37. Even if you don’t speak the language you know what you shouldn’t do.

Via frigoriferol

38. That’s such a creepy illustration.


Via PetyaLB

39. Doesn’t look very dangerous though.

Via PetyaLB

40. Throw an egg in there for fast results.

Via MrBoko1234

41. The man-killing door.


Via Marleydude4091

42. These siren warnings are the worst.

Via electroman13

43. This isn’t “IT”. You don’t float down here.

Via razzertto

44. How to tell if someone is suicidal.


Via RallyX26

45. I don’t think I can fight a darn bear.

Via losandreas36

46. This is kind of sus.

Via SharkFinn24

47. What are you supposed to do?


Via Ozdriver

48. This could have been worded better.

Via CrispyCut

49. Turn around.

Via PetyaLB

50. It takes a life to save lives.

Via TheFloatingSheep

Have you ever come across a creepy sign? What did it say? Share with us in the comments section below.


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