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Indoor Pet Treehouses That Look Like Actual Trees That Your Cat Will Love

We love cats, that’s no secret! Cats are the most amazing pets ever, contrary to what haters say! They are smol, friendly, cute and adorably sassy! We love these kitties for these characteristics and many more. And if we could, we would give them the world & make their lives more comfortable and fun! But since we can’t do that, we are gonna have to come up with something which is doable. Cats love to explore new places and indoor cats don’t really get to experience the outside world which can result in boredom. So, if you have an indoor cat, you are gonna have to come up with something extra for them, you know. To make them happy and feel lively.


All the cats love to climb on trees and there are many reasons for that but it’s mostly due to their predatory nature. A majority of the cats would often take a nap in the trees because they feel safe there since it’s out of the reach of other predators. The other most common reason for the cats to climb the trees is to stalk on animals. So, what if you could have an indoor Treehouse for your cat? Ever thought of that? That’s okay, someone did!

One couple in Florida, Shelley and Joe DelRocco went a little extra in their love for their cat when they built Indoor Treehouses in 2008. The design was so intricate and beautiful that it looked like a real tree! They received such a positive feedback for their creative venture that they decided to make Indoor Treehouses for as many cats as they could! They design the Treehouses according to the cat-owner’s wish, their choices are taken into account and then this couple work their magic and create a magnificent Treehouse! They even customize the Treehouse to incorporate more than one cat – how cool is that!

Scroll down to see these exceptional Indoor Treehouses for yourself!

Look at this kitty guarding her Treehouse mansion like an actual queen!

Look at that little hut!

Who wants to go outside when you can sit in your beautiful Autumn tree all year around!


We can’t believe this is not a real tree!

We love this huge multiple tiered tree house!


The couple’s hard work is reflected through their intricated designs!

Look at these adorable kitties casually hanging out in their Treehouse!


Who else needs such a spot to hangout? *raises hand*

Tired kitty resting after having a busy day playing in the Treehouse!


These Treehouses are such a luxury!

The couple very cleverly created the towers of the treehouse from wood, cedar, plush carpeting, and silk leaves. They did so to reinforce playfulness in the cats and make the experience convenient for them!

Kitties wondering how hoomans got an actual tree in the house for them!


They are pleasantly shocked!

This sassy kitty is like, “Don’t you dare take this Treehouse away from me like EVER!”


Just look at those expressions!

These smol kitties pose in their new Treehouse!



Guardians Of The Indoor Treehouse!


We are scared of these furious kitties!

These Indoor Treehouses act as an amazing Interior accessory!


These kitties having the time of their lives!

These Treehouses help in the regulation of mental stimulation for cats as the rustling, movement, and flexibility experienced by cats when they climb trees, help them in exercising their instincts and curiosity. Additionally, the treehouses make the house look prettier and more alive because they act as plants as well as a house for your cats!

This kitty is not pleased with its hooman for clicking pictures in its chilling time!

This looks so comfy!

Kitty casually planning out the evil things in the Treehouse!


“Hmm, who should be my next target?”

This kitty proudly presents you it’s new leafy home!

An adorable owner!

This old kitty looks pleased with its new comfortable home!


Look at that swing!

This Treehouse is complimenting these kitties so well!

Such a lovely sight!

“Our real cat tree with leaves is designed to focus on your cat’s true nature, bringing out your cat’s primal instincts,” the DelRoccos said. To see more of these magical treehouses, keep scrolling!

Look at this HUGE Treehouse! We are amazed!


We can surely fit in and hang out in there! Yayy

This kitty taking a peaceful nap in its leafy home is so wholesome!

We love the vibe!

This kitty-tiered Treehouse is our favourite thing today!


Look at these cuties!

“This method helps reduce captive stress and encourages your cat to stretch and scratch on the gnarled branches, bark, lichen and all.”

This kitty seems like a serial chiller!

We get you kitty! We just need a Treehouse like yours!

AW! Look at these snowy furrballs enjoying!


What our dreams are made of!

Some people love the idea and think every cat should have this as a home!


Some were scared their kitties would be wild and ruin the Treehouse!

This cat owner had additional suggestions for making the Treehouse more fun!

Some people had their queries!


We LOVE this idea!


Some thought they could make it too, Good luck!


Sadly, this post comes to an end. We are sad because it was amazing and heartwarming to see these kitties having the time of their lives with an indoor Treehouse. It surely gave them the experience of living on trees while providing them with mental stimulation! In short, this Treehouse is a whole package! Shelley and Joe have done a wonderful job with this innovative idea! We love this thoughtful and beautiful creation! Wondering how much does it cost? It ranges from $574 to $1,199 and you can buy them on Shelley and Joe’s ETSY store. Are you going to buy a Treehouse for your kitty? Let us know into the comments section below!


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