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Photographer Takes Majestic Portraits Of Committed Dogs Working Extremely Hard

Working dogs don’t get much time under the spotlight as their home pet buddies do.

One of the main reasons being they are too busy for it. They work really hard and stay committed to their goals and every now and then a doggo gets some recognition. but it feels kinda rare when you compare it to the attention that the house-pet dogs get. The Internet loves spoiled animals so you can guess why this is so. But justice must always be served, There is this photographer named Andrew Fladeboe who has taken this mission upon himself to pay utmost respect to all the working dogs out there and he does that by recognition them with his great photography skills and by sharing the majestical, and mind-blowing images on the internet.


When a dog starts working and that high level of commitment comes in, they feel no excitement in any other thing. Only work and tasks make them happy because they put their heart and soul into it. Andrew has travelled to Scotland, New Zealand, and Norway to capture some of the amazing shots of dogs working hard at their job. This is a project of his is called “The Shepherd’s Realm”. The series does not only contain shepherds, they contain images of comfort dogs, police dogs, cowherds, mobility dogs, guide dogs, and more.

The fact that these dogs are so amazing at what they do, provides a sense of relief to their owners because these dogs would do anything in their power and capacity to complete the job, that too with efficiency. Andrew gave an interview to National Geographic, where he talked about his feelings for the working dogs by saying, “Yes, often they live hard and short lives, but for a dog like a border collie, they are happiest when they have a job to do. I feel much worse for a border collie that lives in a big city than one that is worked to the bone on a farm.“

Andrew took part in some great art shows to showcase his work of art, one of them being Peter Hay Halpert Fine Art. The public can also buy prints of his work from his gallery.

Let’s take a look at his outstanding efforts. Scroll down below to enjoy.

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Comfort or Therapy Dogs

Their presence instantly helps with stress releif. They make sure to eliminate all factors that create a stressful environment just to comfort the person they are required to help relax.

Such a cute image. She looks so happy.


In an interview with Bored Panda, Andrew said, “It’s always interesting getting a dog to pose for you. It’s not a natural act for the dog and not something that the owners train their dogs to do”

These is his work on Urban Search-and-Rescue Dogs


“Fortunately I’ve been photographing working dogs lately, so they are already well trained and used to the direction”


This dog is an Explosive Detector. Putting his life on the line to save ours. Speechless!


Working as a Guide Dog for blind people.

The respect for dogs just quadrapled. And it was already nearing infinity.


“It’s really a matter of patience and being able to adjust the shoot on the fly and getting the owner to direct the dog the way you want. I think they find it as a challenge of sorts for their dog’s ability to follow commands”, he added.

Our brave Police Dogs


Just making sure no one’s done something naughty.


Upon being asked about the dogs’ love for work, Andrew said, “[I was fascinating by] how much they love to work and the story that is 30,000 years in the making. They have evolved with us as a species to fill a number of jobs we’ve asked of them”

The gorgeous Bird Hunters


Cowherd. Not an easy job at all.


Shepherds. This image blew my mind.

“We are so connected to dogs, and not just in terms of getting jobs done or as the pets we know them today. Dogs show up in the myths and folklore of almost every culture. They are part of our collective subconscious. The working dog is the perfect archetype of our sagacious friend”


Mobility Dogs

Epilepsy Assistant.

Is there anything they can’t do? I don’t think so. So talented!


Search-and-Rescue Dogs

He further said, “These owners are determined and loving. It takes years to develop a successful working dog, and for most people that do it, it is the most important thing in their lives. I really look up to them. I want to raise and train a dog, but I travel too much to have a dog of my own”


Biosecurity Dog.


Puffin Hunter.

Everyone has a purpose. To find the purpose is the hard part. People grow white hair searching for their purpose and find no luck. I am just really happy that these dogs found their purpose and it feels good to see them happily fulfilling it. I love dogs.

How did you guys like Andrew’s work? Share your thoughts in the comments down below and do let us know how you feel about working dogs. Let’s put some spotlight on them.


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