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18 Pets That Did A Terrific Job At Losing Weight That Will Inspire You

Who says only humans can be obese or overweight, animals too can be well above their ideal body weights. For the love of food, it’s often difficult for our pets to resist eating and think of losing some pounds but being overweight is equally harmful to our pets too. Hereby, often our pets are also put under strict dietary restrictions to ensure the maintenance of healthy body weight. It has been found through various surveys that domestic animals kept as pets tend to be 10-20% above ideal body weight which can pose serious health issues. Obesity leads to chronic health conditions in pets too.

It is important to keep a close eye on your pet’s weight gain and focus on its feeding pattern. Well, there are some pets that took their health and figure seriously, hereby did some extra effort on losing those extra pounds. Here’s a list of pets who could be featured in pet weight loss transformations as their journeys seem to be inspirational. Go through the transformation posts below as you and your pet might also need that extra motivation!

1. Meet Mcflurry, she followed a low-fat dairy diet, got herself a little more active and she’s back in shape now!

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2. That’s Mickey who lost all those extra kgs and now watches his weight pretty closely

via NTX_cat_rescue 

3. Now that’s an amazing transition! Spike did a great job

via KyutiePie

4. Snowball achieved her ideal body weight now she’s a snowflake

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5. Ginger Just became from fat to fabulous!

via mavagam99

6. Billy’s new weight new look, same old cuteness

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7. Lucy’s owner is a fitness freak, and they both did a great job working out together as well as following a healthy diet

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8. Here’s Brussel who is a gentle dog, and he did a terrific job shedding that extra weight

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9. Missy went into anxiety and depression since her owner became sick, binge eating got her here but she is doing a good job trying to control her diet. Still needs to lose 12 lbs

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It’s very important to give your pet a diet that is nutrient-dense rather than just being calorie-dense. Feeding it too frequently will eventually lead to obesity, hereby it’s better to control portion sizes and set specific feeding times for your pet. Another mistake that the pet owners make is that they don’t keep their pets physically active, outdoor playtimes and walks are very important for the physical well-being of your animal. Physical activity moreover will eliminate the chances of gaining extra weight.

It is also important to keep a track of your animal’s overall health, there could be a secondary reason which may cause a sudden put-on of weight such as diabetes. Hereby, regular vet checkups are also essential. Here are some more of the fur babies who did a great job shedding off those extra pounds!

10. Sophie’s Qua-routine helped her get into shape

via achihuahuanamedsophie

11. Here’s Rex’s 1-year achievement, he won by losing!

via rexandwilburwinningbylosing

12. Travis has diabetes and hereby did a great job with his weight transformation

via  _shawna.richardson

13. Miley showing her abs

via  tamincanada

14. This is super bio Kai, he dropped almost 100 lbs! Kudos to the consistency

via kai100less

15. Another of Kai’s transformations, this was his new year resolution!

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16. Kai motivates others by telling them ‘If I can, You can too’. Which is adorable!

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17. Wolfgang is all set for the pool season with his summer body!


via obese_beagle

18. Moon got diagnosed with Diabetes but now she is a lot healthier than she was 10 years ago

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We’re absolutely in love with these floofs for being so determined. What do you think of these transformations? Has your pet struggled with obesity-related health problems too? Let us know about your pet’s journey


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