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18 Pet Owners Who Shared Their Cats’ Crazy Habits That Will Make You Go “Aww”

The life of a cat owner is never-ending chaos.

No matter how much they try to train their cats, their cats would do whatever they want to do. Cat habits never change. Having a cat at home brings so much joy and positive vibes. Cats are curious and dramatic. If they want to do something, they would do it even if they have to risk their lives. They would sneak out the windows, sleep on the dog’s bed, sit on the keyboard, would come running if he sees you sitting in his place or act like a princess. Cats are the real drama queens and no one knows it better than cat owners. Today, we have 18 pet owners who are sharing their cats’ crazy habits and we are sure they will make you go “aww”. So, scroll down and have fun!

1. “Don’t drop the catnip.”

© HopeThisHelps90 / Reddit

Kitties go crazy over catnip.

2. When she has something in her mind:


© noraad / Reddit

“Flight Delayed Due to Visibility Issues”

3. When she is checking Reddit for other cat photos and gets caught:


© X_kansas_x / Reddit

“I installed a second keyboard for my kitten. The decoy is working.”

4. When you are bigger than the box but you would sleep in it anyway:


© rockamark / Twitter

“This is my cat 3 years ago. He ate his box, I threw it away, and he found another one that was 20 × 20 in size and tried to nest in it with a tragic look on his face. I laughed, of course, but soon I found him a newer and bigger box. You can see it in the picture on the right.”

5. “Cat logic is beyond reality.”


© travelakoa / Reddit

When you buy your cat a new cat bed but she seems more interested in the plastic bag.

6. What a pretty girl!


© leorabello_ / Reddit

7. “My girlfriend got a new phone and captured this blep with the very first photo she took!”


© adsadsadsadsads / Reddit

What else do you need when you have two fluffy cats?

8. “Our cat looked out of the window for the first time since we moved into our new apartment.”


© some_carboi / Reddit

Mom, this new place is amazing.

9. When it is Ramadan and your cat wants to pray too:


© Heidiabbyana / Twitter

“My mom sent a picture of my dad trying to get our cat to stop disturbing him while he prays. He gave him his own prayer rug. It’s partly worked so far.”

Cats love imitating their humans. They have to try whatever their humans are doing. They have to pray on the prayer mat if their owner is praying. They have to type if they would see their human using a keyboard. Some would even learn to sleep like humans and trust us, nothing is cuter than this. We love cats and accept them with their crazy and weirdest habits.

10. When you see mom sitting in your box:


© tkingdot / Twitter

“There was a big box in our living room, and I asked my sister to get inside. Our cat’s reaction was priceless.”

11. That’s how everyone should leave their cats in the cars:

© Takaa / Reddit

“Moving 400 miles and have been having to travel with my cat, who unexpectedly loves car rides!”

12. When you buy a bed for your big dog but the cat had other plans:


© jadler22 / Reddit

“Temper-pedic dog bed for our large dog”

13. When you have naughty cats and you know they are scared of the vacuum cleaner:

© hootersbutwithcats / Reddit

14. When you know you are too cute:


© Chay16th / Reddit

“This is Tam-Tam. I met him in Japan.”

15. When you want to dress up like your owner:

© ChoppyWAL99 / Reddit

“Me and my only child living it up on Christmas”

16. “This pocket is just right for this little kitten”


© tonobodysdelight / Reddit

Whenever you feel tired, take a look inside your pocket.

17. Your pets would stay with you through thick and thin:

© Cesaramoga / Reddit

“I’m proud because I’ve just become a US citizen. I just wanted to celebrate with my loyal little friend who I found on my patio 6 months ago. She made me a cat lover. She will get raw fish for the first time today.”

18. “I brought home a stray cat when I was 17 years old. I’m 36 now. Every time I go to my parents’ house, I check to make sure he is still there and give him some extra love before I leave. His name is Scooter.”


© jlf83 / Reddit

Old man Scooter looks so decent.

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