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20 Pets Who Make Every Day Into A Warm Memory For Their Owners

There’s no doubt that pets make our lives happier. Psychologist believe that people with pets have “greater self-esteem, are more physically fit, and tend to be less lonely” compared to those without. These fluffy creatures are unlimited entertainment, No one can get bored without them, they just know how to cheer us up. Surprisingly, they never fail to make us happy

. Animals make our lives better. Science has proved one too many times that pets are extremely healthy for us. These fluffy creatures anti-stress, whenever you are feeling low or sad a single snuggle from our fluffy friends can cheer us up. Pets are never free, they are always up to something and that something is always fishy. Our pets act stupid all day, and we are proud of them and we love them with all our hearts. Here at Defused, we have collected 20 plus photos of pets who make every day into a warm memory. What are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down below and make sure you watch all of these images otherwise, you are going to miss a lot of fun.

1. Definition of true friendship


via: © Liane Umney / Facebook

2. Who said dogs and cats can’t be friends?


via: © Sandra Carlisle / Facebook

3. “This was the day we picked up Raymond at the airport after his flight from Sydney. We were only meant to foster him. We failed.”


via: © Sarah Fries Borelli / Facebook

4. When you wake up from your sleep and realize it’s Sunday and you don’t have to do any work


via: © Duong Tran / Facebook

5. This cat sleeps on her owner’s arm every time she is working from home, how cute?


via: © Carla Potter / Facebook

6. When your pet is your baby


via: © Jane Wagenhofer Collins Schad / Facebook

7. Does your cat also sits like this?

via: © Haley Noel / Facebook

8. Meet this adorable doggo Ruby


via: © Kim Kruper Domino / Facebook

9. This photo is heartwarming, they just love each other

via: © Dianna Zavala / Facebook

10. “Our cat kept scaling our tall fence, so my husband built her a window/perch through the fence.”


via: © Kate Ahrens Cevallos / Facebook

11. Look at those beautiful eyes

via: © Donee Ruinata / Facebook

12. Kids and cats have the best bond


via: © Janet Wiechert / Facebook

13. Moment when you have been out all day and when you return home your pet is there staring you like this

via: © Linda Zamarra-Rullis / Facebook

14. Is this supposed to be me? It’s not funny


via: © Anne Huntley / Facebook

15. Meet this cutie pie Simba, he loves to play outside but comes back inside from time to time to check if his owner is still okay.

via: © Rina Van Rooyen / Facebook

16. This cat is having the best nap of his life


via: © Emmawati Misrun / Facebook

17. When you just adore your pet and your pet adores you back

via: © Tracy Duke / Facebook

18. “My cat showing she loves me”


via: © Zoe Nichols / Facebook

19. Isn’t he the cutest doggo?

via: © Haydee Villano Dela Pena / Facebook

20. “My daughter and my boy in deep sleep. Priceless.”


via: © Raeyn McMillan / Facebook

21. Cats and their obsession with Christmas tree

via: © Zelda Coetzee Verster / Facebook

22. Meet Shae, he’s enjoying his cupcake


via: © Lemon Ade / Facebook

23. When you are sleeping and your pet doesn’t have anyone to play with

via: © Kayla Merola / Facebook

24. “We just got a new dog. Our other dog is a LOT smaller than her. This is her trying to fit into his crate even though hers is right next to it.”


via: © Chelsey Stewart / Facebook

Pets are amazing, pets are love. Have you ever wondered what would we do if there were no cats and dogs on Earth? It would be quite boring right? We just cannot live without our fluffy friends. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below. Don’t forget to like and share. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content. Thank You!


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