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20 Times Pets Experienced New Things And We Are Falling For Their Pure Emotions

We never forget the first time we experienced anything.

Experiencing anything new is exciting. Driving the first time, swimming for the first time or seeing your baby for the first time are the moments that are hard to forget. These moments always stay with us. Our furry friends are just as excited as us to experience new things in life and we tell you, their emotions are priceless. The happiness on their faces is a rare sight. Who wouldn’t love capturing the first time their pet experienced anything? Some pet owners have done this and we have made a wholesome collection of the photos of our lovely animals experiencing new things. We are sure you will fall for their honest emotions so, scroll down and enjoy!


1. “First time visiting the ocean”

© Many-Celebration-368 / reddit

2. Service dog sniffing my baby for the first time.


© _jennius_ / reddit

3. She went outside for the first time.


© LMMesto / reddit

4. My blind kitten climbed to the top of the cactus and she looks proud.


© lauralux23 / reddit

5. “Took Timber to see his brothers for the first time since they passed. Was at a loss for words when he did this.”


© Whiskeytango1492 / reddit

6. Her first reaction to seeing a dog for the first time.


© GonzalaGuerrera / reddit

7. “17 years old and traveling overnight for the first time”


© forkittybusiness / reddit

8. She went into the pool all by herself for the first time.


© malamoot / reddit

9. Her first time at the vet.


© jela_03 / reddit

10. Walking in the snow for the first time in life.


© Fishbulb323 / imgur

How pure and lovely are these animals’ reactions to experience a new thing! Animals are always excited and curious to try out new things and these pictures show us their honest emotions. How happy and hyped up this cat is looking to be walking in the snow for the first time. It’s the little things that can make our innocent furry friends happy. Scroll down to see more.

11. Him after discovering a cozy blanket for the first time.

© j*********o / reddit

12. Her experiencing the balcony/outdoors for the first time.


© essimaria / imgur

13. Zeus learned how to dig for the first time.

© TheNamesKT_ / reddit

14. Leo used the litter box for the first time and received so many treats and scratches.


© Sushpawar001 / imgur

14. His first time seeing a camera.

© unknown / imgur

16. Meeting each other for the first time.


© Impossible_Read6000 / reddit

17. Their first meeting.

© jcbouche / imgur

18. Her first time in the grass field.


© pipercubclub / reddit

19. Look at how happy she is to be at the beach for the first time.

© timpoulton / imgur

20. “He saw a spider for the first time.”


© manic_unicorn / reddit

Do you remember any of your first-time experiences? How was it? Were you thrilled? Comment down to share your experience with us. We would love to read about your first-time experience!


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