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18 Stories Of Pets Offering Their Unconditional Support To Their Humans

Animals can always put a smile on our faces.

Whether it be a cat, dog, rabbit, or even a pet snake. It just depends on what sort of pet you prefer. As all pets try their hardest to emotionally support you whenever you need. They might not be able to understand what you are going through. But damned if they are not going to try. And that is exactly what makes animals so sweet. They have no one but their owner to rely on but in so many instances they are the ones who save us.


Many people have shared stories where they might have rescued animals but they were the ones who ended up being rescued. Having a pet in your house can change your whole life. Everything shifts and your life starts to revolve around the adorable creature. I guess that helps since you don’t have enough to focus on your own problems. We might say we are the owners but in actuality, they are the ones who own us.

#1 This cat is clearly helping.

Via Miss_Behaves

#2 How can that not put a smile on one’s face?

Via Sashi Gavani

#3 ‘Won’t you play catch with me?’

Via neznayuchtotut

#4 ‘I brought you something to make you feel better, hooman.’

Via GoldenTigerLilyx

#5 This kitty just needs to rest after being the support.

Via toast00

Rescued this sweet boy from the shelter on my birthday. He did not like people, as he was abused before.

He spent a week hiding under the bed and another week not letting me touch him, and look what he did today. My heart feels so full!

#6 Thankfully, it is not a rat but a cupcake. But I wouldn’t advise eating it.

Via AliceYarr

#7 Such magnificent sticks!

Via alanna

#8 Just holding the little rabbit close would swell one’s heart.

Via FreeeRick

It has even been proved by research that people who have pets are much less likely to suffer from severe depression and anxiety. That is probably why people with mental illnesses tend to adopt a pet. They support us no matter what and are always loyal. Not only that but according to a study, dogs can even help you lower your blood pressure which is truly amazing if you ask me. It’s all because when you play with a pet, your serotonin and dopamine levels increase exponentially thus making you happier.

#9 This chonky cat doesn’t want the kid to feel lonely while waiting for the bus.

Via qiwistyle

#10 ‘So, can I have treats now?’

Via tomperfect12

#11 ‘Please smile, hooman. You are making me sad.’

Via Kate Scott

#12 I want to play ball.

Via Amanda Bailey

#13 That is one way to get someone’s attention.

Via WeedScaper
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#14 Okay, This is just straight-up adorable.

Via HighValueWaterBottle

#15 I need to find someone who looks at me the way this dog does.

Via Phoenix_girl1911

#16 This beard might be better than Merlin’s.

Via robertsscotty

#17 Even dogs take a cat nap.

Via Unknown

#18 It seems they can sleep even in the sunlight.

Via Unknown

Does your pet emotionally support you as well? If so, in what way do they express their affection? Comment down below and let us know.


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