15 Pets Who Prove They Are Weird But Trying Their Best To Entertain Their Humans

A beautiful combination of weirdness and cuteness.

We love our pets as much as our own children, we even start treating them like human babies. We try to give them as many luxuries and comforts to spoil them as we would do to our own babies. For pet owners, their pets are the most precious and dearest things. This kind of love has an extremely cute side effect on the pets, we might realize that our pet has started acting human-like as well. Their cute attempts to imitate us and they start having the same habits as us is the most adorable yet weirdest thing you will ever see.


We found the pictures of the pets being weirdly cute. Some of these pets will shock you and some might make your hearts melt. These bunch of cuties has completely made us fall in love with their uniqueness, their beauty and their innocence. We are sure they will make you fall in love with their weird cuteness as well. Keep on scrolling down to see images of these adorable babies…

1. Meet Midas. This cutie has four ears.


Image Credit: midas_x24

2. “Seats are confusing to my derpy boy.”


Image Credit: © oh-no-godzilla / Reddit

3. I can tell she is staring at catfood in her owner’s hands with the most hungry eyes.


Image Credit: © esbenitez / Reddit

4. This cat had the worst bathing experience.


Image Credit: © dreadymama314 / Reddit

5. Aww, look at this baby sleeping so peacefully.


Image Credit: © SkylerSpark / Reddit

6. “I mean I don’t know but I think my dog wanted the doughnut.”


Image Credit: © GrouchyLink2979 / Reddit

7. “Put so much as a single drop of water in that tub and he won’t go anywhere near it.”

Image Credit: © Steely_N*** / Reddit

This little big boy perfectly portrays how huskies actually are. They get big in size but always remain a puppy, they hate baths and their facial expressions are always on point, they know how to show emotions. I just love these creatures so much. They all are unique in their own way, weird or not. They all are definitely beautiful creatures. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these cuties…

8. Now, that is a unique smile. Can not tell if she is happy or angry.


Image Credit: © PuzzleheadedCard6554 / Reddit

9. This cutie turns around to flash a smile at her owner every now and then whenever they go on a walk.

Image Credit: © rutgersftw / Reddit

10. They are really grinning ear to ear, they probably had their favorite food that night.


Image Credit: © s***lite / Reddit

11. “Poppy giving her affection means she puts her butt on your head.”

Image Credit: © tdoodles97 / Reddit

12. “Nola on our morning walk. I thought I’d take one of those cute pics of a happy dog run but I got this instead.”


Image Credit: © emlo4 / Reddit

13. Is that a cat or a loaf of bread?

Image Credit: © Electrode232 / Imgur

14. She is that one friend who is always making silly faces for pictures.


Image Credit: © adoptadoggo / reddit

15. This is Frejya the kitty who only sleeps in a derpy position and I think she is the most adorable.

Image Credit: © freyjathekat / Reddit

Aww, just look at that baby, how she looks while sleeping. I just love how cute and unique all of these pets are. Which quality do you find unique in your pet? Let us know in the comments down below…


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