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50 Hilarious Pets Who Are Shamelessly Violating Their Humans’ Personal Space

Forget about privacy if you have a pet at home.

Having a pet is a blessing because they make our lives so much better. You would wake up to a beautiful face waiting for you, a partner to watch TV with or play video games and a troublemaker you can have fun with. Pets are so much more than that. If you are planning to get yourself a pet, let us tell you that you would have to sacrifice your privacy and personal space for them because pets do not care about your personal space. They do not have any space in their dictionary for this word. Today, we have made a compilation of 50 pets who are shamelessly violating their humans’ personal space and we believe, they are gonna make you laugh. Scroll down and enjoy!


1. When you are back home and you want to take a bath but these boys:

Via: tbotcotw

2. “I was trying to enjoy a nice bath but…”


Via: hbarinsky

Mommy, I want to enjoy it too.

3. “Personal space? Nope.. I’m a cat pillow lol”


Via: macluvva

Be whatever your cat wants you to be.

4. “I found this little boy in the countryside, alone. Initially he was scared, now he seems to be pretty comfortable.”


Via: Aritmico

5. “My girlfriend was brushing her teeth this morning when a monster popped out from under the sink.”


Via: Mabaum

6. Read me, instead of reading the book.


Via: mmfreeman33

7. “Without even consulting anyone, this guy unilaterally decided to stage an intervention”


Via: 9999monkeys

8. “HELLOOO! Plz stop working and pet me!”


Via: crease222F

Can you please?

9. “She can invade my personal space but I can’t look at her”


Via: MahjiggTheFox

10. “Layla is queen of the kittens. They think she’s they’re own personal space heater.”


Via: Nickelzz

11. “I woke up to my cat standing on my chest staring at me”

Via: Pike_Gordon

That’s how our mamas wake us up in the morning.

12. “Get a puppy they said. You won’t be so alone during quarantine they said. They were right…”


Via: seriouslymytenth

13. “Cat trees aren’t meant for dogs!”

Via: SymanthaB

When your dog can’t have a dog tree, he tries to sit in the cat tree.

14. When he wants to get in the bathtub with you:


Via: miller_dontstopretrieving

15. “My dog has no sense of personal space”

Via: cozyfuton

16. “Apparently im not giving him enough attention.”


Via: Shonarrrrrgh

Human, you have been studying since morning. Stop it now.

17. “Didn’t lock the door, ended up with company in the bathtub”

Via: heyheywendyray

18. “Say no to personal space”


Via: Sumbunnee

Personal space does not exist in his dictionary.

19. “You’re going to hear a little pawp”

Via: Protocol-King

20. “Every bite you take, Every lunch you make, Every time you bake, Every piece of steak, I’ll be watching you.”



I got my eyes on you.

21.  There is no place for personal space in this house:

Via: Cassandralove89

22. Human, you are sitting on my chair:


Via: winston__stella

23. When you want to work but he comes and sits on your laptop:

Via: kim_swick_art

24. “Who needs personal space?! Foster kitty settled in literally under my nose and fell sound asleep”

Via: freckledfarkle

25. The face that he makes when he gets to know that you are taking him out:

Via: therealvertical

From getting into the bathtub to sitting in your lap when you are playing video games, pets clearly do not know the meaning of personal space. And, they are not even interested to know because life is fun this way. Well, it’s really scary when you are taking a bath and you notice someone has entered the bathroom and that someone is your naughty pet who decided out of nowhere to surprise you.

26. “Today we’re learning about personal space. By “we” I mean “I” and by “learning about” I mean “accepting that it does not exist when fostering kittens”. One is biting my toes as I type this.”


Via: jchrysostom

27. “Igor has no respect for personal space.”


Via: scarymary085

28. “I need some space….”

Via: penguin_yuie

29. “Mum, how dare you go to the bathroom without me!”


Via: pannacotta_oreo

Mum, let me in. Please, I beg you.

30. “This is what I see each time I’m about to get out of the shower.”

Via: unlordtempest

Mom, we were waiting for you.

31. “Got a new cat pencil for finals”

Via: _kittenmittons12

Give me this pencil. I want to write with it. You can get another one.

32. “She has no idea what personal space is”


Via: Emjadegee

That’s another way of telling how much she loves you.

33. This cat hanging out with this bunny in his house:

Via: allirene105

34. When you think you are still a lapdog:

Via: saint_baloo

35. “You shut the bathroom door for privacy? Guess I’ll watch through the window then.”


Via: xabia1

Hello, human.

36. “The concept of personal space in our household has shifted even more with our second dog…”

Via: Weswieeee

37. “My roommates dog has no sense of personal space”

Via: Miss_Lame

38. When you lock your room for some me-time but he makes sure you are not alone:


Via: ssssskkkkkrrrrrttttt

39. “No such thing as personal space.”

Via: lrice88

When your little kitty can’t leave you even in the bathroom.

40. “This is Zissou, my gaming familiar. He invades my personal space while I try to shoot stuff.”

Via: DearTrophallaxis

41. When you do not find any space on the sofa:


Via: ellie_and_remi20

42. “They’re working on this personal space thing”

Via: xlostinimaginationx

43. Mommy is the best place to sit.

Via: little_green_penguin

44. “You can’t play animal crossing! I’m the only animal you need!”


Via: lennsden

Cat: I have told this a hundred times before. Now, I had to do something to prevent you from playing video games.

45. “Trying to teach the pups about person space. It isn’t going well.”

Via: bigred621

Human, it will take time.

46. When you are on your phone and not giving him time:

Via: ChazMazRaz

“Traded my personal space for a house rabbit.”

47. “Personal space Mena. We talked about that.”


Via: aDirtyMartini

48. “This jerk helping me wrap Christmas presents.”

Via: Frank_chevelle

49. “Excuse me I’m trying to read that paper”

Via: franceselleno

50. “Privacy and personal space does not exist when you’re a cat mom”

Via: bl0ndie22

This is so cute. She is not even letting her go. Do you have a pet who violates your personal space? Upvote for your favorite ones and share your pet’s photos with us in the comment section down below.


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