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15 Pet Owners Reveal The Most Hilarious Pranks Their Pets Ever Pulled

When Twitter users shared their best pet stories onlinea lot of people engaged and shared their stories in the comments. People related to the topic told us how their dog stole a pizza from their dining table despite closing off the room in every way possible or how their dog managed to steal someone’s underwear to “inspect” them. Living with a pet is no less than a thrill, they are always up to something and something is always going on inside their little brains. So here at Defused we have collected 15 users that reveal the funniest pranks their pets ever pulled. What are you waiting for? Keep on scrolling down below to see these hilarious pranks their pets pulled on them. We are sure that you are going to love it.

1. Meet Rex, he is a naughty little doggo. Look at those big black shiny eyes

via: © Luna Zang / Facebook

2. You never know what’s going on inside a doggo’s head


via: © Sandra Algarate / Facebook

3. Are you leaving your pet home alone?


via: © Sophia Gueorguievskaya / Facebook

4. If you are thinking to adopt a dog make sure that you have no problems sharing food


via: © Angie Ochoa / Facebook

5. Don’t underestimate Helena


via: © Claudia Rojas Veas / Facebook

6. Meet the naughtiest duo Coco and Rose


via: © JD Normhy / Facebook

7. Man these doggos are geniuses for food


via: © Alex Camacho / Facebook

8. Meet Nina, she has a strange obsession with plant pots


via: © Ana Paz / Facebook

9. Satanas is a naughty doggo


via: © Diana Arteaga / Facebook

10. Oh the things we have to bear for love


via: © Raquel Guerrero Martín / Facebook

11. Doggos are just like babies, they love our attention.

via: © Charlotte Vivianne Trabölr Ruiz / Facebook

12. Well done Mr.Doggo


via: © Serena Luna / Facebook

13. Diper is cute be like Diper

via: © Julieth Ramirez / Facebook

14. Dogs owners can relate to this


via: © Erika Astúa / Facebook

15. Just imagine the amount of Turkey he ate that he was refusing for treats xD

via: © Jorge Esparza / Facebook

It is no less than an adventure to live with a doggo. These doggos just pulled the funniest prank on their owners. Dogs are weird, strange, and unpredictable as heck you never know what’s going on inside their brains. One minute they are all excited and the other minute they are pissed off and god knows why they get these mood swings. Well, whatever they do we just love them with all our hearts and we are ready to do anything for them right? We just love them. Let us know what you think about this post in the comment section below. When are you planning to adopt a doggo? Don’t forget to like and share it with your friends and family. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content. Thank You!.



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