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50 Photos Of Cats Looking Like They’re About To Summon An Evil Spirit

We all knew the demons would come out one day.

For centuries people have talked about how cats are evil or how they always look like they are plotting something sinister. Now, you might have waved away all those things thinking they were jokes but we have proof now. Haven’t you ever wondered why a cat’s eye glows when we take their picture? No, it’s not a trick of the camera but their real self shining through.

We can see in these pictures that the cats are either summoning the devil or showing the demon that resides within them. Nobody believes this right now but everyone will come to know the truth when we are living in a world that resembles hell and cats are our overlords.

The proof is always in the pudding so scroll on below and take a look.

#1 The day the portal opened.

Via Whitemourn

On this day, the barrier between Humans and Cats was destroyed. -Alexandrianna

#2 All mine.

Via ShirleyFerrell

#3 Don’t lookup.

Via Matt

Spidercat, spidercat… -Hans

#4 Goodnight hooman.

Via reddit

#5 13 cats.


Pretty! Like Xmas lights… but more vicious! -Pi

#6 Cat covered in flour.

Via teddy-bear-the1st

#7 World on fire.

Via Subtractive_

My sister took a pic of her gangster cat walking away after causing havoc.

#8 The passage is under her.

Via gsmaciel

#9 We have a bat cat here.

Via Dwavico

wow. I think the cat has evolved into an underwater predator. Look at those webbed paws! -Koko Sempai

#10 The reflection shows the truth.

Via sweetmaps

#11 Warming paws or something else?

Via unimpressedcats


#12 As you demand my master.


#13 I don’t wanna know what’s going on in her head.

Via pleasuretohaveinclas

Meet Sinister Cat. Plotting to take over the world…

#14 My dinner!

Via Jon_Galt

#15 Where is the neck?

Via bumzo

Cats without necks? Science has gone too far! -Hans

#16 Another grumpy cat.

Via marugaodesuyo

#17 The evil smile.

Via David de los Santos

This cat just watched someone trip on one of the many objects it knocked on the floor. -Amanda Panda

#18 Summoning a demon.

Via HerElfness

#19 A catnapper.

This hooman is my hostage! Get me all the catnip in 5 minutes or the unthinkable will happen to her! -Lorraine

#20 Just possessed.

Via levicox6

#21 The flame.

Via reddit

You know exactly what this cat is thinking… “should I knock it over?” -Amanda Panda

#22 The cat can’t hide the shadow.


#23 The eyes say it all.

Via adamacles

He’s just waiting to see what happens to all the squirrels stuck in your chimney. -John L

#24 Loving the new collar.

Via IsThisUsernameReallyRelevant

#25 Vampire cat.

Via katieslova

Cat : join me fellow felines and we shall watch the world burn along with all the pathetic hoomans and useless canines *hiss* -Ok Ha-Neul

#26 ‘How dare you to take a picture of me?’

Via bbirdy

#27 Good old laugh.

Via carrots_not_karats

This cat just watched a bird smash into a clean window. -Amanda Panda

#28 The satan cat.

Via smeoura

It is the Satan cat, the Satan to the cats, the one they were summoning, he. has. been. AWAKENED. -Weenie Dog Lover

#29 An old ritual.

Via ibentmywookiee

#30 An evil schemer.

Via mandino788

He’s just waiting for you to discover that he shit in the toaster. -John L

#31 ‘I wonder what the hooman will do.’

Via imsotiny

#32 Laser eyes.


#33 Surprise mirror.

Via Nadia_OH

When you inadvertently catch your cat plotting to kill you in the middle of the night.

#34 Evil mode activated.

#35 Morning breath.


This is Zazzou. Every morning i see this face on my chest. I think he is trying to say something every time i try to get up.

#36 All hail this mirror!

Via memecollection

#37 Hungry for some souls.

Via malletOjustice

My cat will suck out your soul…

#38 The revered demon cat.


#39 Neon eyes.

Via internetiscrazy

Once I catch this dot I will murder it. -Tallulah

#40 Are you ready to bow?

Dont piss off the fat cats… they just might sleep on you. -Flush Me Down

#41 I am ready to fly.


#42 The sinister twin.

#43 Frothy mouth.

Either a reaction to the meds or he is possesed. -James Kenning

#44 ‘You dare approach me?’


#45 His eyes are like the ocean.

#46 All hail the black skull!

Via RecoveringIntrovert

I wonder what will happen when I push it off? -John L

#47 A dangerous plot.

Via mackblackstock

#48 See the scratches on the door?

Via madpac

This lil devil kitty has beautiful fur and markings. -jacluckycat

#49 One step closer.

Via Bekki Sala

#50 Nothing to see here.

Via Mena Turner

Has your cat ever show her real self? If so why not show us in the comments below? And don’t forget to share with your friends so they can be careful as well.


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