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16 Hysterical Photos That Have More Drama Than a Shakespearean Tragedy

Sometimes the events of our life is full of drama and sadly you cannot do anything about it because that’s how the world works. There are two type of people who are sink in the despair and the other one is those who just take their phones out of their pockets to take a photo and laugh about it. So here at Defused we have collected some hilarious dramatic 16 photos that have more drama than a Shakespearean tragedy. Grab a cup of coffee and keep on scrolling. We are sure that you are going to love it, make sure you watch it till the end.

1. This was destined to be like this

Photo Credit: © Simpsii / Reddit

2. These cats are letting their owner know what they think of the weather


Photo Credit: © jakub-photo / Reddit

3. It’s obvious that Emma has been messed up before, what do you think?


Photo Credit: © stormy_llewellyn / Reddit

4. Perfect moment to capture a photo


Photo Credit: © Nebkheperure / Reddit

5. Think carefully before walking barefoot


Photo Credit: © LOERMaster / Reddit

6.“Me and my husband went deep sea fishing. I caught a mahi-mahi, he caught his face in a bucket.”


Photo Credit: © Dontslapmygoodies / Reddit

7. At least the main lock is in one piece


Photo Credit: © p***k_phace*** / Reddit

8. This man was told to keep all his belonging in a locker before playing with a raccoon, well he forgot about his new earpods


Photo Credit: © Karanpamnani / Reddit

9. Bring me the Thor’s hammer


Photo Credit: © redditgass / Reddit

10. They were trying to take a nice photo with this doggo, but the wet Mr. Doggo had other plans for


Photo Credit: © Historical_Ad6061 / Reddit

Are you tired of scrolling yet? We know you are not because these pictures are too good to not be shared right? This is what happens when your life is being full of dramatic events and you still manage to take the photo of that moment. Don’t worry we have collected couple of more of these photos. Keep on scrolling below.

11. You shall not pass from here!, this is the trick am obviously using in my future

Photo Credit: © theyork2000 / Reddit

12. This dog literally looks like a squirrel here, sadly he slipped on wet rocks


Photo Credit: © natoren / Reddit

13. Why do cats paws are so cute? Do you find them cute too?

Photo Credit: © stormbutton / Reddit

14. This man decided to hike a mountain in hot weather, this monkey stole his water at the top and then decided to drink it in front of him, I feel sorry for this man.


Photo Credit: © cakes_123 / Reddit

15. “Solar energy is really convenient,” they said

Photo Credit: © Nafigvajag / Pikabu

16. Look at the cat’s face on the left, can you count how many are there?


Photo Credit: © mewtwoDtwo / Reddit

These pictures are super dramatic and hilarious at the same time. Which one of these photos is your favorite let us know in the comment section below. Do you have photos that would make our collection even more dramatic, don’t hesitate to share them with us. Share this post with your loved ones. Stay tuned with Defused for more fun content.


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