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45 Heartwarming Pictures Of Adopted Pets Who Got A Second Chance At Life (New Pics)

Adopting a pet is the best thing you can ever do.

Adoption is a huge act of kindness. When you adopted a human baby who has no parents, you basically allow it to start a new chapter of life. This is exactly how it happens with animals. By adopting them you help them restart everything, forget the gruesome and terrible past that they survived with very little hope left. The only thing good about bad that I tell everyone is that after every bad event a good event takes place. You just have to be hopeful and patient and one day your superhero will arrive to save you. Adopting an animal also comes with a lot of responsibility. It is literally like having a child, you have to look after the baby all the time like it is your own, and pet owners really don’t face much trouble because there is so much love and affection in the bond, except for the tantrums and random malfunctioning which to some extent is allowable.


Once that inseparable bond forms between the human and their adopted pet, life turn around for both. It gets filled with joy, entertainment, happiness, and all sorts of positive emotions. And the best part is, these amazing emotions replace all the stress, depression, and other mental health issues in life, and it also brings back the confidence in that pet animal.

Today, we have created a gorgeous combination of recently adopted pet animals that are bound to warm your heart. Scroll down below to enjoy!

1. Their previous owner passed away the same day their new owner’s dad passed. The trio has been living together filling the gaps.

2. Little girl couldn’t hold her tears after finally holding onto her first ever adopted cat.


Via singingsprocket

3. Every time she does rescue, this is how her rescue cat holds her.


Via winterbaby26

4. Couple went to the shelter to adopt a dog. They ended up bringing two home as the one they chose didn’t want to leave without his brothers.


Via SnapMastaPro

5. This person went to foster care to adopt a cat. As soon as they put their cat carrier down, this little one was quick to jump inside and chose not to leave. Otto adopted a human that day.


Via darthphallic

6. This person found a tiny stray cat with broken legs, while at work. They quickly took the cat to a shelter for care. Three weeks after the first counter, he is ready to adopt this cutie after it gets spayed.


Via Tyrantflycatcher

7. Ollie domesticated itself by knocking on their door like a gentleman, and adopting the whole family living inside.


Via hipmetosomelifegame

8. Owner made a special bow and a cake to celebrate his dog’s birthday.

This is love at its purest form.


Via rlassoo19

9. His previous owners were about to throw him away. Thank god for his current owner, this one gets another shot at life.


Via haley136

10. She got adopted and reached home at night and slept right away. Woke up the next morning, and gave this cute look of approval to her owners. Perhaps, the bed was comfortable.


Via FreedomAndChaos

11. Picture on the top was taken after one week of adoption and the one on the bottom was taken on his first birthday. They look like two different cats.

Via moariceplz

12. Seattle Mariners Clubhouse just adopted this Lab-Retriever Mix, Tucker.


Via JonGilbonie

13. This was on his first night. His confidence came from his toy that he wouldn’t leave.

Advertisement by UDM

Via lilmissellis

14. Boots was adopted a few weeks ago. He has a black spot on his mouth that makes him look so cute.


Via fatal-_-error

15. Chubbyhugs on a morning walk after the first day of adoption.

Via SmartCranberry8406

16. You can see nothing but freshness and satisfaction on that dog’s face after he got adopted.


Via Glittering_Waltz_189

17. Bonnie looks ecstatic to reach her forever home.

Via ProfObladee

18. The luckiest owner managed to get his hands on this handsome devil.


Via _kevinschilli_

19. Would you believe me if I tell you these are two cats from two different litters who never saw each other before this day? Even I wouldn’t.

Via Kalani_VeganRepor

20. This newly adopted cat is a professional at balancing on 3 legs.


Via Travel_by_Jonathan

21. They adopted a 10-year-old blind cat. She felt anxious at first but is now settling in. She knows she is finally at her forever home.

Via No-Illustrator-9129

22. Meet Woof! He is ready to bless his new owners with his gorgeous eyes forever.


Via Kitchen-Witching

All these faces look so cute. But what is even cuter is the happiness on their faces. They all look so happy to be where they are. It’s that satisfaction that is important. These animals have finally arrived at their forever homes and are now ready to give a second chance to nature. And this time they won’t have any fear in their hearts because they know their superheroes are with them and will always love them for who they are.

I am absolutely enjoying this compilation of adopted pet pictures and I hope you guys are too. Scroll down below for more!

23. You know Zeus’ life is about to be turned around, and so is his owners’.

Via ThatEstyGir

24. Ladies and gentlemen, this person adopted the world’s most precious dog.

Via foxfox70

25. The most adorable Steven enchanted his new owners as soon as they entered the shelter to adopt a cat. They decided to get him within minutes.

Via BestSpatula

26. Meet Fern. She was found in a pot the very next day of her adoption. This is a clear sign of acceptance.


Via gkpetrescue

27. Their new adoption likes to hoard mice for fun.


Via VDP6235

28. She was rescued from the Envigo 4000. Her name is Lilo and she is ready to live the best life ever.

Via AliciaThePupLover

29. He felt a soothing feeling after a soft touch. It felt like he hadn’t been given pets in years.


Via CookieMonsterYayyy

30. Look at these two recently adopted kitties being woken up fresh by the sun. This is life.

Via thegoldinthemountain

31. “My uncle just retired and decided to adopt this fella.”

Via canibalbarca

32. “Just adopted this sweet puppy.”


Via xxDisturbed

33. It has only been a day since she got adopted and she is already making it clear that either it is the video game or her.

Via thecheckoutwine

34. “Just adopted this sassy girl.”

Via ottosoven

35. “I adopted a cat who has spent the last year and a half in the shelter. Her name is Minerva and she is the prettiest.”


Via FreedomAndChaos

36. “Hi everyone, meet my small baby tortie Kaia my first kitty ever! Just adopted her yesterday.”

Via marcymarc32

37. “New rescue foster has taken a shine to me.”

Via Reibusu

38. “Big day today for Avatar from our cat shelter. His first time in the adoption room where he’s free to run around and play as he likes. Meeting the others was a little stressful but he did really well.”


Via sonia72quebec

39. “Fulfilled my lifetime dream and adopted my first cat today from a rescue! He doesn’t have a name yet but he sure has my heart”

Via biased_towards_blue

40. “Today I adopted my son, Brick!”

Via Effervecsent

41. “My inmate’s adoption mugshot.”


Via Primary-Blood319

42. “Our foster fail rescue kitty that we’re now committing to moving to the UK from NZ with us! No one wanted to adopt her, can you believe that?!”

Via evieesweet

43. “Our newly adopted Beanie Boy!”

Via Kapu201

44. “I just adopted a kitten. Would love to know her breed if anyone can help me out, I’d truly appreciate it.”


Via Natttt26

45. “Murph found her forever home.”

Via Brother_Farside

Happiness is a key that can unlock every single locked door in this world. You can notice how happy these animals are after being adopted. I can bet if you ever get to see a picture of any of these animals before adoption, you will only see a scared, shy, broken, and hopeless creature. I am so glad these animals are finally where they were supposed to be and are living the life they deserved right from the start.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more animal goodness!


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