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50 Pictures Of Maine Coon Kittens That’ll Be Giant Cats As Grown-Ups

Maine Coons are one of the largest cat breeds in the world.

This is quite surprising, to say the least since as babies they are the same as a regular-sized kitten. It’s as if puberty hits them hard and they just grow up so fast. However, even if they are larger than a normal cat, they are actually quite gentle, which cannot be said for all cats. Not only do they look very majestic with their alert years and furry tails but they are also easy to take care of. As they are actually quite friendly.


That sounds like the perfect cat, right? Well, why don’t many people adopt Maine Coons then? Actually, it is not that people don’t want to, it’s the fact that they don’t have the luxury to. Maine Coons are quite rare and if you want to buy one, it costs a pretty penny because of the unique look of a Maine Coon. However, they are definitely worth it as you will see for yourself when you scroll on below and take a look for yourself.

These Maine Coon Kittens know how adorable they are and they are using that fact to the fullest.

#1 He clearly wants some head scritches.

#2 Not every cat likes to be held up.


#3 I am thinking about something, hooman.


#4 She is on the prowl for treats.


#5 This one desperately needs a brush through that mane.


#6 This particular big boy does not look impressed.


#7 The raccoon side of the Maine Coon is strong in this one.


#8 Do I look good in the picture?


#9 I can hardly believe that it is not a painting.


#10 Even big kitties don’t like the vet.


#11 How can anybody say no to that face?

#12 Is it a statue or a cat? Who knows?


#13 You are getting in my shot!

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#14 Are you awake now, hooman?


#15 I require some food at once.

#16 Where did all the fur from the neck go?


#17 She is probably thinking about food right now.

#18 So are you going to put me down?


#19 This is called stretch cat!

#20 I have never seen such agility!


There is a reason these gentle giants are known as ‘dogs of the cat world.’ It is because they are actually quite playful and sociable animals. While they still retain the independence of a cat, they are much more interested in humans, like a dog would be. Another reason is that you can take them on walks. I know that sounds particularly weird but Maine Coons can actually be trained.

Another interesting fact about them is the fact that they love water, which is probably because of their water-resistant fur, but it is still surprising.

#21 Wake up, hooman.

#22 Don’t I look good today?


#23 They do not look happy with this arrangement.

#24 This cat beard is ready to claw someone’s eye out.

#25 Did I hear a bark?

#26 Oh, I can’t pee here?


#27 This elder cat has all the wisdom.


#28 Just look at that fluffy orange coat of fur.

#29 Wait, I am thinking.


#30 When you want to get in some exercise.

#31 It is impossible to give a blep right now.

#32 Do you have the easel ready?


#33 Just a quick little cat nap.

#34 I do not approve of your partner.

#35 Let me out.


#36 Why is this little hooman touching me?

#37 I will not jump from here.

#38 Does this kitty have lipstick on?


#39 The tail might be bigger than the actual cat.

#40 I know I look majestic.

#41 Will you adopt us?


#42 Just getting a little bit of sun.

#43 Here we have some cat burritos.

#44 The carpet is just so plush.


#45 Are we surprised to see cats sleeping in weird positions?

#46 The perfect circle.

#47 Don’t disturb my thoughts.


#48 Why are you upside down, hooman?

#49 I will always outshine you.

#50 No more work, I am bored.

What did you think of these Maine Coon kitties? Does this make you want to adopt one right now? Because that is certainly the case with me. Comment down below and let us know if you have a large Maine Coon and what you love about them.


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