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14 Pictures Of Polydactyl Cat’s Paws That Make Them More Pawsome

Cat’s paws are the cutest.

Even if I wasn’t a huge and of cats, I would still love to see pictures of cat paws. But since I do absolutely adore kitties, their paws just make my heart melt. Don’t get me wrong, I Understand that they are deadly and they can be sued as weapons but I can’t help it that I always want to grab the paw and press the tiny toe beans. Mind you, I usually get a few scratches on my arms but I think it is totally worth it at the end of the day.


Jokes aside, for all the people who love cats and especially their paws, then they have come to the right place because we have a special treat for you today. We have pictures of cat paws but all of these cats are Polydactyl. What is that you may ask? Well, basically, they are born with a mutation that generally means they have more toe beans than other kitties. And while that may sound a bit disturbing, it is actually very adorable.

So just scroll below to take a look for yourself and enjoy the dopamine hit.

#1 We have only just started and I already can’t hold in my squeals.

Via Peggy Randall

#2 This cat apparently has opposable thumbs of sorts.

Via Vanessia Babbitt

#3 Both these adorable kitties have a lot of toe beans.

Via Linda Cramer

Thor and Ella. Thor is poly front and back. Ella only front ?? Both also rescues too.

#4 Don’t you just want to squeeze them?

Via Jan Dyer

#5 The Santa hat just makes everything better.

Via Heather Gross

#6 I can even see a little peek of the claws.

Via Melissa Kiehl

#7 He even gave his hand for you to see properly.

Via Ann Rhymestine

My Barney, my heart. He passed on a couple of years ago now. In all, he had 22 toes in total.

You might think that this is a rare thing but actually a lot of cats have this ‘issue’. And all of these cats are adorable. This is a genetic trait so it is usually because one of their parents had it or that the parents carried the mutation gene but didn’t have it themselves. Whatever the reason may be, it is harmless and does not negatively affect the cat’s health in any way. Some people even specifically breed cats with this gene so they can have polydactyl kittens so it is a sought-after trait for many people.

#8 I love it when cats put a paw over you, it is heartwarming.

Via Amanda Nelson Grabow

#9 This one looks eerily similar to my kitty but with extra toes.

Via Lori Graczyk

#10 What a unique and beautiful-looking kitty!

Via Heather Marquardt-Hohertz

#11 I can’t even count the toes on this floof.

Via Jennifer Crabtree Pitts

#12 Cats always know how to find sunlight.

Via Becky Kaufman

Hemingway’s murder mittens, 23 in total. My last poly-baby was named Thumbelina with 22 beans??

#13 It looks like this cat was curious about the phone.

Via Julie Swayze

#14 Last but not least, we have these adorable mittens to look at.

Via Julia Canzini

What are your thoughts on these polydactyl cats? Does your cat have more toe beans than normal? If so, why not tell us more about your kitty in the comments below as I am always a big fan of hearing about cats. Also, don’t forget to share these pictures with your friends so they can have their daily dose of cat content as well.


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