28 Pictures That Are Bound To Make You Happy

Life needs nothing more than happy right now.

You see, life is a blend of a lot of emotions, every emotion has its own significance in forming our day and impacts how it goes. Recently though, good emotions have been laying a lesser role in deciding how a person’s day goes. It’s the bad emotions taking over and I don’t think anyone is enjoying it. Factors like stress, exhaustion, demotivation, and sadness due to the factors I just mentioned are taking over at an unprecedented rate. And there is a reason for that, time isn’t helping either. Normally when you have a bad day at work, you know things will be better at home but when you get home, you realize you’ve just received a whopping utility bill thanks to a recent increase in taxes. Living is becoming tough and we have a lot to blame for it. Other than personal life issues, global conditions aren’t helpful either. The whole planet is in an overall economic recession thanks to countries wanting to start a war for fun. The winter season is approaching so welcome back smog. And then it’s global warming and water scarcity slowly poisoning our planet leaving it with no chance to survive.


Happy moments, humans are in desperate need of happy moments right now. Our happy hormone needs to secrete chemicals as it has never, that’s the only way we are getting through these tough times. Well, we decided we should play our part in this and created a compilation of images shared by people from all over the globe. These images are bound to make you guys smile wide and make your happy hormone overflow, for sure.

Scroll down below for some pure happiness!

1. “Someone brought their pet possum to the store.”

Via MayorofSodom / Reddit

2. “This is definitely his best angle.”


Via vinkulelu / Reddit

3. “The way these water droplets collected on the edge of my strawberry plant.”


Via ThePeoplesCheese / Reddit

4. “This photo of a Luna Moth I was able to take after it landed on my sister.”


Via Chuckle_NutsXD / Reddit

5. “This is how my dog smiles.”


Via riedhenry / Reddit

6. “One of the goats got cuddly when I was coloring wool, want to guess which?”


Via NerdyManifesting / Reddit

7. “My daughter made breakfast.”


Via ayam / Reddit

8. “The way he fell asleep on my face.”


Via Illustrious_Big_8485 / Reddit

9. “Shilo was in the garden and somehow managed to get a feather stuck to his nose.”


Via Ha-mi-pe / Reddit

10. “Ordered takeout and mentioned I was excited to try them for the first time. Saw this when I opened the bag.”


Via Silentmutation84 / Reddit

11. “River rock shaped like a heart.”

Via wat-am-i-doing-here / Reddit

12. “Fell asleep on a beaded duck pillow.”


Via icyblueglacier / Reddit

13. “The way our cat posed when I was reading The Traveling Cat Chronicles.”

Via AnAlmostPleasedFrog / Reddit

14. “My 2 kids who can read, reading to my 2 kids who can’t.”


Via TFCBaggles / Reddit

You know when you cross paths with something and realize that was the exact thing you needed at that moment? This compilation fully does that. I think this compilation was needed for me because things hadn’t been flowing in the best direction, recently. And I am sure it is helping you in terms of happiness as well. We have to look out for each other and I am glad, even though indirectly, these people are helping us a lot by sharing their happy moments with us.

How are you guys enjoying it so far? Grab a refill on those popcorn, or tea, because we’ve got a lot more happiness coming your way. We said the hormone will overflow, remember?

15. “Little girl at my table makes my entire year with her drawing.”

Via zmartinez20 / Reddit

16. “My dog, living her best life”


Via Wizardldc / Reddit

17. “My son’s PE shirt hadn’t completely dried when it was time for him to catch the bus, so I told him I’d drop it off at the school office.”

Via JephriB / Reddit

18. “My 2 Yorkies who are inseparable and always have to be touching each other.”


Via Floor10TrashCanBot / Reddit

19. “My dumpster cat welcomes you to his home.”

Via onlyonedayatatime / Reddit

20. “I brought home the baby today and this big brother won’t leave her side.”


Via TokesN***s / Reddit

21. “Someone used potatoes to spell out ’Love’ at the grocery store.”

Via onlineamy / Reddit

22. “I came out and saw my grandfather holding my sleeping dog’s hand.”


Via nhjosh182 / Reddit

23. “My kitty being particularly pretty this morning”

Via Abuses-Commas / Reddit

24. “My cat stands up when he hears bell noises.”

Via Flbudskis / Reddit

25. “Spiderweb with dew on a foggy morning.”

Via mildlyinteresting / Reddit

26. “Beagle puppies rescued from a medical testing facility got to meet Snoopy.”

Via buckbee / Reddit

27. “Today, my foster kittens tried nursing my fixed male resident cat. I repeat. This dude has no milk and these are not his babies.”


Via grayshush / Reddit

28. Never sorry when it comes to playing in the grass, his favorite place.

Via GeekyMirror / Reddit

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below.

Stay tuned for more happiness because we love spreading it!



Cat tax.

The family decided they wanted cats so they adopted two kittens and brought them home. The husband was a bit worried about how their dog would react to the new family members. I believe it is safe to say, after seeing this picture, he is not concerned anymore. The three instantly fell in love with each other and love doing everything together, even napping.


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