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Cute Little Week Old Cheetah Cubs Take Their First Steps Into The Wild

A moment to cherish for Mama Cheetah as her cubs take their first steps.

A moment to be remembered and cherished forever. I’m not a parent yet so I cannot understand fully how it really feels to see your babies standing on their own two feet. Like no support whatsoever. It’s the first sign of independence that the tiny baby adopts. And the feelings are mutual for those tiny babies as well. They feel over the moon when they realize they don’t need anyone to carry them around. And the world is theirs to explore now.


The whole thing works the same for animals as well. After all, they have a heart too, just like us human beings. They feel all sorts of emotions. It is just that obvious barrier that makes it hard for us to understand what they are thinking or feeling but yes, they do feel every single emotion that we do. However, there are some similarities that help us understand what the animals are feeling. Facial expressions being one of many. You can easily understand via their facial expressions if they want to hug you or eat you.

Today we’ve got little cute Cheetah cubs for you guys, taking their very first steps. And my goodness, you cannot take your eyes away from them. They look way too adorable as they sustain their own selves entering into the wildlife. An open-world for them to chill, run around, explore, and just have loads of fun.

The delightful and very precious moment was captured by a dedicated wildlife photographer Paul Mahagi. He spotted and captured the cubs taking their initial steps in Serengeti National Park located in Tanzania. Have to salute his dedication as he spent days hiding in the hottest bushes just to get a glimpse of the cubs. A tiny peak for enough for the professional photographer to capture the amazing moment he has been so patiently waiting for. And his persistence finally paid off.

He finally spotted tiny week-old cheetah cubs taking their first steps into the first. And they looked absolutely delighted doing so, with a little hint of nervousness.

Scroll down below to see their cute faces as they try to walk on their own.

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Perfect timing of Mahagi resulting in a perfect image. The cute cub is being very careful with the first steps out in the wild.

It is so cool to look at a little Cheetah walking in a very slow pose. And the reason for it being so cool and weird is that are going to walk their way into being the fastest animal on the planet.

According to Big Cat Rescue, that unusual-looking fur on their back and the tail allows them to help camouflage as they walk through the tall grass with their mom. The sanctuary says that the fur will slowly start fading away as the cubs grow to the age of 3 months. But they are still very much visible to the naked eye until the age of 2 years.

Oh my god, my heart is melting. Little cub looks so happy to be finally walking in the forest.

And notice the way it is stretching as it stands still. That is to make sure they don’t trip over and maintain a nice balance. Such a majestic animal.


I’m just gonna through it in there. That Cheetah cub lowkey looks like Arcanine from Pokemon. If you don’t know, just google it. That fur on the back makes it look exactly like Arcanine from Pokemon. Actually, in reality, Arcanine was inspired by a lion-cheetah mix so no wonder why there is a resemblance. Anyways, back to the cuties.

Mahagi was over the moon when he spotted and captured this once-in-a-lifetime moment. Here’s what the ecstatic photographer had to say about his achievement:

“I spend a lot of time in the park hunting for the best photos. I knew there were new cubs and wanted to see them for myself. I’m very happy with how these turned out. I never knew I would get such a great expression. It looks like he is saying hello to the world. The cheetahs are very cute.”

Little three musketeers exploring theirs forever home. And can you tell which one’s the naughtiest?


Hats off to Paul Mahagi for saving and sharing this amazing memory for the world to cherish. The little cubs look absolutely adorable. We wish them all the best in their adventurous life up ahead. They have a lot to learn. But one thing they naturally possess is speed and I can’t wait for them to grow up and go fast and furious on everyone.

I hope you guys enjoyed it. Feel free to share your thoughts on Mahagi’s patience and dedication and how do you feel about the cheetah cubs, in the comments section down below.


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