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22 Cats Who Have Aced At Playing Hide And Seek

Are you ready for a little game of hide and seek?

We all know how much cats like hiding and napping in small and unpredictable places. They are every now and then giving their owners heart attacks when they fail to find them. They are truly the champions at playing hide and seek with their owners. At least my cat is, she is always making me go crazy when I can not find her. But this is also very adorable of them, right? We are all well aware of the fact that they enjoy our misery and sometimes they do it on purpose but we still can not help but love their little tricky self.


Today, we have gathered the pictures of the most skilled cats at the game of hide and seek. We have also created a game for your entertainment, find as many cats as you can. It is going to be very difficult though. They are so good at it, it will shock you. It has definitely shocked me though. I really failed at finding most of them. Let’s see how many cats can you find. Keep on scrolling down to let the games begin…

1. Okay now, find the cat!

She is in the drawer!


© Kvasir19 / Reddit

2. Can you find the cat in this picture?


She better be named Shadow because she really blended very well with that.


© Do-The-Michael-Scarn / Reddit

3. Do you see a cat here?


She is under the carpet.


© pipoca-queimada / Reddit

4. Find the cat in this image now, the difficulty level is rising.


Very clever kitty!


© dcro726 / Reddit

5. Where is the cat?


There she is!


© _cinnamon_buns / Reddit

6. Find the hidden cat.

Aww, she wants a bath too!


© kenlayne / Reddit

7. Now, this one is too difficult. It took me ages to find out!

This cat definitely can be a good spy…


© pizzaslayer111 / Reddit

8. Level 1000 of difficulty unlocked. Where is the cat?

This is a sneaky one!


© ValerieLovesMath / Reddit

9. Looks like a normal dining table to me, do you see any cats in this picture?

wow, she really camouflaged on the table.


© PCKiwi / Reddit

10.Kitty, kitty! Where are you?

How did she get up there?!


© Dr_Quink / Reddit

11. Oh. hidden kitten! Where are you?

There you are, little baby!


© Ellekm730 / Reddit

I told you, I told you, I told you! See, it is really difficult. I have to say it these cays are amazing. They hide so well and it seems like they definitely do it on purpose to put their owners through hell. If my cat was that much talented at hiding, I would be having mini heart attacks every day. This is too stressing and funny at the same time! I won’t keep you, let’s continue the game and do not forget to keep count of your wins…

12. Let’s find the catto…

This one is a good hide and seek player.

© ShinneryRatt-02 / Reddit

13. There is no way there is a cat here!?

What?? Really…How??


© iceburgfullspeedahd / Reddit

14. Where are you kitten? Come out.


I thought it was a piece of fabric…

© Soylent_Milk2021 / Reddit

15. Do you see the cat in this picture because I can not.


If you found easily the cat in this picture, I already consider you the winner.

© AGirlAGuyAnd3Cats / Reddit

16. I know, the game is getting even more difficult now.

I really could not find this one, it was too difficult for me.


© drash47 / Reddit

17. Oh, my God! So difficult! Only legends can find the cat.

Good hiding spot, kitty.

© Demi0Baozi / Reddit

18. There is one the chair, where is the other one?


There she is under the chair.

© Experiment_2H-WS2 / Reddit

19. There is again a cat on the chair but where can be the other one in this image?

Sneaky, sneaky one! Found you.


© nefees / Reddit

20. No matter how many times I look at this picture, I just can not seem to find the cat.

Oh, there is the cute little ear of the cat!

© DiscoKittie / Reddit

21. Second last round guys, we are almost at the end! Find the hidden cat.


Aww, you found the dark shadow baby.

© sunnybearfarm / Reddit

22. Here is the final round! This kitty is not alone, where is the other one, guys?

There she is, right under the kitten!


© kkeywork / Reddit

Hello, champions! How was the game and how many cats did you find? Tell us in the comments down below so we can find the winner…


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