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45 Adorable Puppies Before & After They Grew Up To Big Dogs (New Pics)

Who doesn’t love a dog! Dog ownership is connected to good health, they love to play, chase and run, and your kids will love to join along. The process seems too good to be true…one day it’s just a carefree little goofball, chasing its own tail and the next it’s already an adult who knows how to act all calm and collected when its owner takes it to a local café. Everyone who has owned a puppy knows how fast they become a dog.

Regardless of everything else, there’s one thing that remains the same no matter how old a dog gets— is the fact that it’s so adorable. We’ve collected a cute list of photos to prove it. Labs, corgis, mutts, you name it, we included them all! Continue scrolling to check the before-and-after pictures of these adorable fluff-babies growing up. This will surely make you recall your memories of your pups!

1. Corgi and my father 1 year apart 


We asked Michelle Lugones, who is a DVM and veterinarian, about the categorizing of normal growth in a puppy and how it’s challenging because of the many breeds. He expressed how, “There are, however, some general stages we can refer to when it comes to puppy development. First is the neonatal stage which is from birth to 2 weeks old. At this stage, a puppy is completely dependent on its mother for all aspects of its care. Its eyes aren’t open yet and it begins to crawl slowly”.

“From about 2-4 weeks old a puppy is in the transitional stage of puppy development. Its eyes open and the rest of its senses really start to blossom. The baby’s teeth erupt, and a puppy begins to walk and bark. By 4 weeks old most puppies can go to the bathroom without their mother having to stimulate them. Puppies also start to be weaned from their mother’s milk at this age.” By playing with other pups, taking the many life directions from his mother dog, and by interacting with others, he comes to know the importance of his pack. This happens between the third and eighth week of age.

2. Elliot The Dragon And Elliott.

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Lugones expressed that “During this stage of development, a puppy’s fear threshold is fairly high so they may appear to not be afraid of anything”. Later on, he told us that “As the puppy reaches 6-8 weeks old the pet owner can start to gently expose the puppy to more stimuli in the environment, play, and train with them as long as the puppy is not fearful. This should be done under the supervision of the mother. It’s important that the puppy isn’t permanently separated from the litter or mother during this time.”

A puppy becomes more physically comfortable and coordinated during the second and third months of life, but this is also the time when he develops the feeling of fear. Owners are recommended to make their life as little adventurous as possible in that time period.

3. You’ve got a friend in me!


“Between 3-6 months old a puppy should continue to be socialized, but in a controlled, safe way such as puppy training class where all the puppies are healthy and at the same stage of vaccinations to minimize the chance of contracting a disease,” Lugones pointed out. “Adult teeth start to erupt so providing safe, appropriate chew toys is essential.”

At 6 to 12 months of age, a puppy is in his teens, so he can be more boisterous, and safe training and exploration should be encouraged.

4. A brick will never give you up, let you down, run around or desert you. In fact, it won’t do much of anything.


“Just like human babies, puppies need special care as they grow to make sure they stay healthy as their immune systems mature,” Lugones said. “It’s vital to bring your puppy to your family veterinarian as soon as you adopt them to come up with a vaccination and deworming plan, to discuss the best ways to socialize and bond with your growing puppy, and to plan when to spay or neuter.”

“Puppies need a handful of visits to their veterinarian to make sure they are developing normally and that they are protected from serious diseases. Putting in the effort to address their mental and physical health from day one is well worth it so your puppy grows into a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted part of the family.”

5. Why can’t I fit mom?


6. Surviving Cancer!


7. Now I needs a bigger bed


Puppies even give us a low maintenance date, many people enjoy the lovely company of their pets and this, in turn, gives them a joyous run on the serotonin hill. We asked Samantha Bell who is a cat expert for Best Friends Animal Society. She told us, “After feeling satisfied with themselves from the hunt, they’ll be ready for cuddle-time.”

Best Friend Animal Society recognizes that Valentine’s Day is hard enough for singles, but finding a date in quarantine and COVID-19 is not only dangerous but deadly. But if you have a pet at home, you can always dress him up and plan your romantic date in no time!

8. The human must have shrunk!


9. Someone get him a giant boot.


Even on special occasions your pet loves you more than other humans, “Valentine’s Day is all about love, and the best way to show our cats love is by helping them feel like the wild cat they were born to be. Get out a wand toy and help them hunt and catch the dangling prey on the end. Your cat will love you forever for that”. Don’t you just love them for this act!

Dogs, on the other hand, bring something a little different to the table, according to Marissa Sunny, CPDT-KA and senior dog lifesaving specialist at Best Friends Animal Society.

“Dogs are the best dates ever. There is no need to get all dressed up because they love you unconditionally and are the best cuddlers,” Sunny explained. “Just keep in mind your dog’s energy and tolerance level for certain activities. Ask yourself, ‘What would my dog’s perfect date be?'”

With that in mind, there are 14 exciting ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pet, compiled exclusively by Best Friends.

10. Christmas Together!


11. May I have your attention for a moment?


12. A Life long friendship

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Among the many activities, you can take part in, with your pet, going to picnics and rides tops the list. Make sure you take your lovely puppies to a spa day or beach day or a movie marathon or enjoy dance parties with or maybe just get them yummy treats.

13. Ok, how much longer can we do this?


14. Mom, I’m still a lil pup!


If you are good with stitching, try making something soft and fluffy for your little bub! Dogs love wearing something that’s made only for them, and by their favorite human!

Besides keeping your dog warm and looking adorable, clothing can also help with anxiety. Next time there’s a thunderstorm in the forecast, or your town is planning a big fireworks show, try an anxiety vest. Plus “The better the fit, the happier the dog!”

15.  Still the same mess!


16. Enzo’s magnificent 3- Months-Transformation


17. I’ve mastered the art of standing.


Concert for two: Whether you’re a learner or a pro musician, you’re never gonna get a special opportunity to play for an audience, better play for your pet, and make the best of it!

Baking treats: Don’t you just miss chocolates? Bake yourself something to satisfy that sweet tooth and a healthy something extra for your little pooch, too, with special recipes just for them.

18. Once a baby, Always a baby!


19. I’m not that big for my old sweater!


20. Dodger’s Going To Outlive The Whole Family!


Instead of watching human love stories, dedicate your Valentine’s Day to your pet, watch something that you can both relate to. A little yoga never hurts anyone, check out YouTube for yoga classes, spread your mat, and go practice with your dog or cat.

21. This was meant to be, his forever home.


Growing up we all had those days when we didn’t want to see anyone else and somehow our dogs can tell. They will just crawl solemnly in bed to join you, accepting your mood and comforting you. No matter how your day went without them, they will always be waiting at the door, wagging their tails, excited to see you. They don’t care what you got on your test. All that matters to them is that you are at home and they can see you again.

Interaction with a dog has been shown to increase levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are the chemical building blocks of positive feelings. All science aside, playing and interacting with your dogs is just plain fun and it will brighten up your day in no time! Having a dog in your family can be one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children.

22. You can get away with wearing a fabulous hat like that when you’re five!


23. Dogs don’t Retire.


Making a playlist for your dog. With a little work and training, you can take dog dancing to a new level! Who knows, you and your dog might just be the inspiration for a new television show called, “So You Think Your Dog Can Dance?”

24.I hope you ‘ordered’ this size. Wow!


25. 10 Years Of Lending An Ear


26. Some Things Never Change!


if you don’t have a pet, this would be the right time for you to adopt. You can look for all ages, sizes, and personalities, a dog or a cat that you can simply connect with. To get started, visit Best Friends to find a shelter or rescue near you.

27. 13 years and wiggles later.


28. And a one and a two and lift …..


29. And it’s a just-inked tattoo.

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30. EARS!

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31. Another dog’s butt in the way!

via kittyandmarley

32. I’ve outgrown my baby face!

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33. I’ve accepted my fate.

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34. Still very handsome in a bow tie!

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35. Meet Bentley.

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36. Small Floof To Big Floof.


37. Little old doggos.

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38. That absolute JOY!


39. I’m so fluffy!


40. Momma I can stand!


41. Who’s the boss now?


42.  I’m not a dog, I’m a Majestic Floof.

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43. Golden Boy Glows Up

via Jakuna

44. Proud and strong.

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45. He’ll grow up to become a Wookie..

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It is a well-known fact that a dogs’ ability to communicate with humans is unlike any other species in the animal kingdom. A study found that the scent of their owners excited the dogs more than any other stimulus. They can sense our emotions, read our facial expressions, and even follow our pointing gestures. Having a dog improves our physical well-being and encourages healthy fitness.

Of course! Your dog requires daily exercise, and so do you! Dog owners carry the responsibility of playing with and working with their dogs, so it only makes sense that dog people tend to be more active. So if you’re still confused about whether or not to get a dog then I think that’s definitely a big reason to become a dog parent!


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