10 Rare Birds That Look Like They’re From Different Planet

Birds belong to the vertebrate animals that are adapted for flight. They can also run, flight, jump, swim and dive. They come in so many different sizes that they can be large like an ostrich and they can also be very small such as a humming bird. Birds are incredibly beautiful creatures and some of them we see on a daily basis. Our mornings begin with hearing the birds chirping and they are present everywhere from our gardens to our neighbourhoods. But those are the ones that we see very often. The world of animals is really interesting, you think you have seen it all but then the natures surprises you.

Some of those birds look like aliens and we can’t believe our eyes when we see them! Such birds are very rare. So that is why we have brought you these rare alien look-alike birds that you should see! Scroll down.

1.King Vulture

These animals were named by Maya people, who believe that vultures were kings, and carried messages between people and God.

2. Cock-of-the-Rock

The male birds are so beautiful and they have these fan-shaped crests which they use to attract females.

3. Superb bird-of-paradise.

These birds are strange enough to even begin with and they have the ability to hypnotize you with their dancing and unusual looks!

4. Golden Pheasant

This bird is a sign of happiness and good luck. They have a great ability to sense danger and unusual events.

5. Hornbill

These are omnivorous birds. They have really think necks and they are the only birds that have eyelashes.

6. Christmas frigatebird

These birds are also called pirates. Because they tend to steal food from other animals.

7. Potoo bird

Also known as poor me ones, these are nocturnal and are related to nightjars and frogmouths.

8. Swinhoe’s pheasant​​​​​​​

These majestic birds can grow up to 31in. They have bright purple chests and white tails. They are very rare and have an extremely small population.

9. Andean Condor

They are considered to be the largest flying birds in the world. They are stunning creatures and are known to be the best flyers.

10. Mandarin Duck

This duck is considered to be the worlds most beautiful duck. The female mandarins don’t quack, although they make clucking noise when they see the danger.

Well, I can surely say that I have seen these birds for the first time and they are really beautiful! All of them extremely rare and can’t be found easily. Which one of these did you find most interesting? Let us know in the comments section below!


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