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Hilarious Reactions Of Dogs Getting Scared

Dogs have been our protectors for decades now. Making sure no harm comes to us, guarding us, our homes, our children and babies, everything basically. Even a puppy knows how to make her territory known from the start. Not that anybody would be scared of something so small and cute, but at least they try!


They not only try to keep us safe, those loyal guardians, but they also keep us happy, motivated, and support us even without us knowing. They are no doubt a source of comfort for most of us and we will never deny that. These wonderful creatures also keep us physically and mentally healthy. So, in conclusion, they are extremely beneficial for us and our well being.

However, these beautiful little ones are extremely silly and naughty as well. And they aren’t as ‘strong’ as they make it seem like to us. Dogs actually have a very tiny heart and they get scared easily as well. And that too, of the silliest things possible. It’s the most adorable sight of all and we can’t help but laugh at how some random things scare them so much. If you haven’t seen them in such a state, you’re lucky because we have gathered a ton of pictures that will make you laugh out loud. So, without further ado, here are some of the things that make our little furry buddies scared beyond belief. These reactions are hilarious AF;

1. Vacuums!

Don’t worry doggo, they are not trying to eat our entire house!


Neither do they want to take away your human.


Yes, the vacuum will never get you when you’re hiding … IN PLAIN SIGHT!

2. Candles!


Or, maybe it’s the cookie cake. We will never know.

3. Fireworks!


That’s why this doggo is hiding in the bathtub with it’s hooman.

4. Vets!


Obviously, who even likes going to the doctor anyway!

5. The supermarket!


Please take me home hooman. I don’t like all these people around me!

6. Large Food Items!


Alright, to be fair, that is extremely huge. Is that even normal?!

Can’t get over how funny these reactions are. These are certainly enough to make our day better. Luckily we’ve gathered more than just these ones. And if these ones haven’t made you laugh out loud just yet, well, the next few pictures surely will. Trust us and keep scrolling!

7. The Floor!


Taking the ‘floor is a lava’ game way too seriously

8. Toys!


This sheep thats moves on its own and climbs walls and other things. Clearly the dog is having none of it!

This squeaky toy that would scare anybody tbh.

9. … Something…


Alright, we don’t know what this doggo is scared of but we love the hiding spot.

10. Ducks!

Advertisement by UDM

This doggo seems like it has seen a ghost.

11. Cats!


Out of sight, out of mind!

Hooman, this cat can’t see me right? Is it gone? Is it safe for me to come out?!

12. Kitties!



And lastly,

13. Other Dogs! (Tiny Ones)

The little one is just standing there like a bawss!

They do grow up but they remain babies from the inside. Even the tiniest (mostly the tiniest) of the things frighten them and we can’t help but wonder what goes on that cute little brain of theirs. All we want to do at that point is just give them a huge hug and tell them it’s okay! But, I guess that would require us to stop laughing first and that seems like a hard task to do.

Did you pick favorites? Why not let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share pictures of your doggo!


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