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These Illustrations Tell What Would Happen If Pixar Movies Were Realistic

Who wouldn’t like spending an evening cozied up on the couch and watch a light animated movie? PIXAR has produced some of the major claims to fame and they never disappointed its viewership. They have been setting the bar high with every passing year. They have sure produced some classics in the animated industry and we couldn’t keep ourselves from applauding.

Finding Nemo, toy story, cars, monster’s inc and the list goes on have made a special place in our hearts growing up. The best part about these movies is that they are a perfect blend of lighter as well as heartfelt moments. Animated movies do include fiction, in fact, a lot of it but that’s what made them so magical. The production team unwind their imaginations beyond boundaries and produce a masterpiece that we enjoy on the screen with our families

Have you ever thought what if the movie scenarios were to be produced in real? How different would they be keeping the reality in consideration! Comic artist Santiago Esparza, more commonly know as Sanesparza plays his tricks again and clearly impresses us once again. He’s native as well as innovative at what he does at the same time. He’s known for blending fiction with his real-life comic series to produce an original piece of art.

This time he picked PIXAR movies to produce some real-life comics. He chose some stand-out scenes from some of the first-rate animations produced under PIXAR studios and perfectly indulged them in real-life circumstances. Most of his work is rib-tickling hilarious but some also have a darker side, what-so-ever you won’t be disappointed at the end!

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1. Inside out



It could be anything? Wondering whether the food would be good or what are we going to have for dessert after this.


To be realistic that’s exactly what’s happening, don’t be so dramatic! Lol

2. Finding Nemo


Activates star mode!


She made it!!!


Now it’s all good, we all are in the water…


But what’s next?

When it took too long for the marine rescuers to rescue the tank gang. Oops!

3. Coco



It’s all about time!

4. Good dinosaur


I believe in you son, but we need to be realistic


Son, I wish you had grown a little bigger…

5. Toy Story 3

We’ll make it


But most of us would melt and woody could catch fire


We escaped the fire ALIVE… kind of.

6. Cars 3



A true magician doesn’t let his spells out

Mechanic* I meant…

7. Finding dory


Can you hurry up a little, there’s some trouble approaching


I forgot what I was saying…

8. Monster’s university

Sulley the big man!


Now it’s time for Mike!

Well, that’s what friends do…

9. Brave


Here we go!

Let’s forget that we’re filming for a while


Done with having every day as a bad hair day…

10. Up

We’re gonna flyyy!


Wait, what was that?

Rooster on the roof enjoying his flight… Up up and away

Movies are mainly based on fantasy, a lot of the time things are exaggerated, and are exhibited in a heroic way. The main character is either too strong or too weak, and the film revolves around the events that take place with the main character. There is always a message each film has, to project through its depictions.

Santiago Esparza relates these fantasized moments to real-life, which sure is hilarious in a way. Taking an example of Up the movie, let’s be realistic how can balloons lift a whole damn house, a lot and a lot of balloons, however, could lift a part of the house and that’s exactly what the artist has depicted in his illustration.

The course of events taking place in on-screen plays is obviously timed and set according to how the production team wants its viewers to view it. When linked to the real world it would have been very different, and Esparza gives a clear view of how it would have been!

11. Wall-E


And we’ll return to the way we used to live

Well that is a good question


A few moments later…

An infinity later…

12. Cars

Sorry can’t or else how will radiator springs come back on the google map?

It’s where you were destined to be…

13. The Incredibles

Woah it’s hot in here!

Wait why is my head burning?

I wish this suit had a helmet, too…

14. Monster’s inc.

You weren’t supposed to come and check, you were supposed to stay out the whole time Boo was away!! That’s how we saw it…

Boo where you at?

While boo enjoys her ventures with her monstrous pals…

15. Toy story

I just hope we don’t get a ticket…

A full-throttle!

For breaking the sonic barrier

16. A bug’s life

Hmm, that’s a nice elevation…

I think it’s perfect, let’s go for it!

And no one can stop us, especially not these insects roaming here…

This by no means is a distortion of the masterpieces that have been a beautiful memory of our childhood, it’s just another way of perceiving something. Every artist has an extraordinary imagination which he/she projects through different kinds of representations.

But next time you watch a PIXAR presentation, you’ll surely be questioning a lot! The comic artist has also done a series on the connection of our long-admired Disney characters to the real world, which is as amazing as this one.

What do you have to say about the ride we took through the greatest PIXAR films viewing it as part of our own world? Do let us know in the comments section below!


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