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40 Hilarious Reasons Why Pets Had To Be Taken To Veterinary Doctors

There could be many reasons why one may have to visit a doctor.

Health is a very sensitive topic and it is entirely up to the person if he or she takes care of it or not. Thanks to doctors, they keep a track of our health, if we choose to be in touch with them, Doctors keep us refreshed on how we are doing, and update us on the medical-related issues we could potentially be facing. A good relationship with your physicians helps quick identification of a problem and then the doctors quickly start the relevant treatment that could require performance of a medical procedure for example surgery or therapy. Or they may suggest to us a diet and a list of items not to eat, or perhaps some medicine. Everything I just mentioned is a doctor’s responsibility.


There’s a responsibility of a patient as well. In order to keep the doctor visits to the minimum or to just routine checkups, the patient must be careful to not do anything stupid due to which they might end up at a doctor’s hospital. So basically, stay out of trouble, don’t do anything you’re not supposed to do, and with the exception of natural or genetic diseases, you must be in the good. But there is a certain kind of species that does not know how to stay out of trouble or not do anything stupid. Those creatures are famously known as our pet animals. Pet is a man’s best friend but that does not change the fact that they are creatures of their own mind. And that makes them do some funny stuff. Sometimes that funny stuff is executed how our pets have it pictured in mind, but at times it doesn’t and then their owners intervene as responsible personalities and take them to the vet to resolve the matter at hand.

Today, we will be taking a look at some unique and funny reasons why pet animals had to pay a visit to the vet. Not sure if they would like to share these stories with anyone, ever. But, the internet is a cruel place and their stories are now out in the wild forever and ever.

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1. Casper is just a bad eater, Maam. He does not have cat acne.

Via tinytelephones

2. Doggo got an ant bite on the foot and started acting as if he needed surgery. Got his mother extremely worried but the family had a laugh after knowing it was just the dog being dramatic.


Via fionafraser

3. Looks like it was a damn good vacation.


Via mysta42

4. As a cat owner, you must’ve known it’s 85% drama and 15% problem. That $400 is entirely on you, don’t blame the cat.


Via ItsKatBiscuits

5. The dramatic baby suddenly started hating on the brand of food she used to eat from, and got its owner super worried as they thought she had some tooth infection.


Via Dragonette90


6. The dog was so happy to be at the beach, that she ended up getting its tail sore by wagging it too much.


Via emilygmonster

7. Oh my god, anyone would’ve guessed that the cat was mad at its owner for staying away for too long. Could’ve spent that $500 on that delicious meal.


Via cornmaes

8. Thinking their dog Susie had bloat, the owners rushed her to the emergency only to realize she had eaten 12 burger buns, and the plastic bag as well.


Via BengalKathy

9. The reason why this person’s hamster hadn’t been eating or moving was that he had a magnet in his cheek pouch that he somehow managed to get off a fridge. The magnet made him stick to the metal cage he was in and that’s why he was unable to move.


Via eeveeluti0n

10. Zapata got his leg frozen one day. Turns out his big, long hair had tangled around the leg, not allowing the leg to be moved. He was rushed to the vet because his parents thought it was his dysplasia kicking in. No, just long hair.


Via stinapag

11. We now know who Snoop Dogg is going to pass the torch to once he retires.

Via alicesauras

12. $1K and a trip to Sydney only to realize the reason why their pet had an elevated heartbeat was the visit to the vet.


Via chmoneyb

13. Multiple visits to the vet because the pet kept limping. He was trying to seek attention all along.

Via Deangeville

14. The cat isn’t dying. It is depressed because it lost a fight.


Via PaladinAmber

15. Noting says “Independent” better than this tweet.

Via _parasocial

16. Peanut’s face deceived doctors into thinking he was having an anaphylactic reaction.


Via kris_ten15

17. Oh my goodness, the issue these pets have had.

Via OctopusGallery

18. $400 for a gas release. Pretty expensive, your dog.


Via awkwardsince86

19. It’s your fault, mom. You gave me those extra-calorie treats.

Via easykidmp3

20. The horse was afraid of the ground. Owners got to know about this after a lot of concerns and a visit to the doctor.


Via PippityPip

My, oh my! These reasons are actually so hilarious. I cannot stop laughing but I also feel so bad for these owners that they actually ended up wasting $1000. Shows their love for their pets but also the sneaky mindset of the pets and that is why we love them so much. Thank god the pets are okay and the problems weren’t of the level the owners initially thought they were.

Let’s enjoy some more fun stories of pet visits to the vet.

21. Looks like mommy recently started ordering a bit too many boiled shrimps.

Via ArinTX

22. Some habits never change.


Via sofapflanze1

23. Can you guess who had gas?

Via McJesse

24. Jumped the fun and ended up losing $300.

Via heidi_mariee

25. It wasn’t cancer, it was 39 ties that the cat had stolen and eaten over the years.

Via Alexandra_JFG

26. What’s with these animals limping for attention? It does work, though.

Via amandakstorey

27. You worried for no reason, lady. He’s just a young male.


Via jbaggs

28. What a way to show hate. The real question is, would she tell her sister about this diagnosis? I don’t think so.

Via prettybaddie27

29. The owner learned a new thing.


Via robynehrlich

30. This owner had no idea their cat was actually a boy. Had to spend $2000 for the discovery.

Via c_e_l_i_ne

31. It was a plan to make the owner spend some money on him.

Via skeletonman20

32. I swear these reasons are just so embarrassing stories if the dogs had to tell them to someone.


Via observedbriefly

33. Why cannot these dog owners identify dog nipples?

Via dykotomee

34. Don’t you think a $500 fine is a bit too much for bad tasting treats?

Via kateiwall

35. I think you hadn’t been donating money so this is how your cat made you do it.


Via JessRunsHappy

36. The treats were right there in the kitchen and she ended up spending $350 on them, in a way.

Via ByRobinEpley

37. It’s just her way of purring that makes her sound like she has a chest infection. Damn!

Via ai_valentin

38. He looks so happy after making his Dad $2200 poor. Glad the doggo is okay, he is never stealing socks again.


Via cr0mbling

39. Aren’t we all sensitive to change?

Via TheTinaVasquez

40. So the actual patient was the owner and just so he didn’t felt left out, the dog decided to jump on the “trend” and started coughing as well.

Via vanessa_young56

I really hope you guys enjoyed this one. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section down below. Have you ever taken your pet animal to the vet for a reason that still makes you laugh? Well, be our guests and share your experiences.

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