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50 Rescue Pet Pictures From This Month Who Found Their New Homes

Always adopt, never shop.

I know we have said this time and time again and you are probably tired of hearing it. But I will continue to hammer this statement home until people stop buying animals and instead help the ones on the street or ones who desperately need a loving home. And that is exactly why we have some lovely pictures of rescue pets that might just convince you to adopt a new pet. Now, I am not saying everyone should have a pet.


Because at the end of the day, not everyone can take care of one and having a pet can also be pretty expensive. But if you are thinking of getting one to alleviate your loneliness, think of adopting or rescuing one. I assure you they will be much more thankful and will always be loyal to you. And who wouldn’t want to do that once you take a look at all the happy smiles the following animals are giving?

Just scroll below to see for yourself.

#1 He may be FIV positive but he deserves a home as well.

Via lalalazz

#2 When they say you are shy but you just don’t open up to everyone.

Via pupsaurus

#3 Right here we have Mike Wazowski and he isn’t scary at all.

Via Alexz323

#4 This is what true friendship looks like to me.

Via nikkikabins

#5 Where does one kitty start and the other one end?

Via _incredigirl_

#6 I think he might have accidentally adopted a bear.

Via Eincutr

#7 Ricky looks like a different person now compared to before.

Via ChiefWolfy

#8 How can someone not love this?

Via SaintGumbo98

#9 Koda is blind but you can see the love clearly.

Via cometostay

#10 Apparently some kids like to sleep in cages.

Via Fidel89

#11 When you feel all alone, a stray cat will help you out.

Via jessicafilipiak

#12 Aaron Purr somehow adopted the family who cared for him.

Via angelsong76

#13 They wanted a kitten but instead found this beauty.

Via offbett
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#14 When your family brings home a new sibling.

Via Jowi27

#15 All I see is the pupil and nothing else.

Via terchans

#16 Right here we have Fru-Fru, a gorgeous kitty with many issues.

Via No_Warhawkz

#17 Can this smol baby even jump on the carpet?

Via Lightzeaka

#18 ‘Why are you weighing me, hooman?’

Via jiggamathing

#19 This King right here is Marcel.

Via cavashkie

#20 When you adopt a pet from where you were born.

Via mskeri

#21 Just look at those fluffy ears!

Via tj_ebooks

#22 This is actually a very small duck.

Via MissMeMona

#23 Theo was rescued from a precarious situation.

Via smarshall561

#24 He may be 15 years old but he still needed a home.

Via kucinato

#25 We all love pigs here.

Via Karilovesolivi

While people have started rescuing and adopting pets more and more since the pandemic hit us, there are still many animals who are sick and roaming the streets because no one wants to give them a home. And it is always sad for us to see. So if you want to help, why not become a foster family that helps these animals out?

#26 This is Robbie and his life is going to get so much better from now on.

Via PoetsSquareCats

#27 This here is Kenma, a majestic boy.

Via fmd3m0n

#28 Look at how happy he is to be home.

Via -Chunder-Donkey

#29 This kitty was born to be a model.

Via Achilles4131

#30 I don’t think a smile could be any bigger.

Via chalillianaire

#31 The cat on the left has passed away but the right one is only starting.

Via ruthh-r

#32 Right here, we have a vampire kitty.

Via MrClaudiusMaximus

#33 When you don’t want to let your hooman go.

Via manderhousen

#34 Indy is so happy to be home.

Via rebeckyfa

#35 This doggo adopted this family.

Via AdrianValistar

#36 This kitten clearly trusts her hooman.

Via ninjasneverdie

#37 If your significant other doesn’t look at you like this, what are you even doing?

Via sharpietaster

#38 This looks highly uncomfortable.

Via H0ll0wHag

#39 This is Booley and he likes chin scratches.

Via Acklawhunt

#40 These two were meant to be best friends.

Via Verhasin

#41 When you just can’t let go of your foster kitty.

Via _Schwarzenegger_

#42 How could a puppy look so content?

Via MerullaC

#43 These two were definitely plotting something.

Via itzsamgeddit

#44 Those eyes are making me melt.

Via shelbygun

#45 Okay, this kitty takes beauty to a whole new level.

Via rhum-Forrest-rhum

#46 Only one ear? No problem!

Via lucasjose501

#47 He might have been scared before but now he is happy.

Via starbycrit

#48 Look at the adorable smile!

Via clairem2113

#49 Pepper is clearly in need of some treats.

Via andrewh661

#50 That smirk is everything.

Via NoBotRobotRob

After seeing these pictures, do you want to go and rescue a pet? Let us know in the comments below.


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