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20 Ridiculous Hairstyles That Will Give You Bellyache From Laughing

Have you ever seen disasters in the form of hairstyles?

Even though every person has their own favorite feature about themselves but we all can easily agree on the fact that for every person, head hair is one of the most important factors about themselves when it comes to appearance and looking good. Our hair has so much power over us. It is insane how a bad hair day can shift our moods to something bad and sad, it can enrage us and make us bitter for the whole day. Whereas a good hair day can make us feel so confident about ourselves and beautiful, it can really make us feel on top of the world. I am quite sure we have all experienced these two situations in our lives. Changing our hairstyle and putting trust in the other person is another nerve-wracking situation because we do not know that whether it will actually go according to our expectations or not. We will either end up falling in love with our new look, being admired and receiving compliments, feeling confident. Or we will cry ourselves to sleep and stay locked in our home for several weeks so no one can see how horrible our hair looks.


It is actually very disturbing to know that there are actually some people who get terrible hairstyles on purpose because they think it is cool and that they will stand out in the crowd. Every individual has their own likes and dislikes, their own preferences and unique style. And no one can ever understand other people’s choices. Some people’s style is universally horrible, it is not about being unique anymore. I do not understand how can one be so confident going out with such ridiculous hair disasters. We have brought you some ridiculously funny hairstyles that people got and most of them did it on purpose. Keep on scrolling down to take a look at those hairstyles…

1. “Got My Haircut In China: Pic 1 Is What I Asked For, Pic 2 Is What I Got”

Image Credit: krockthewilly

2. “I, too, Have Crossed Paths With The Magical Mullet…..spotted In Panama City Beach”


Image Credit: rbloedow

3. “When You Ask For A Line But The Barber Gives You An Entire Highway”


Image Credit: instilledbee

4. “DIY Ski Mask”


Image Credit: liudeyi

5. “Granted, It Was On A Programme About Conspiracies But Still”


Image Credit: Nooodlepip

6. “Flying Saucers Of The 1980s”


Image Credit: lnchoate

7. “Peacock Karen- Lvl 90 Boss”


Image Credit: bpermaculture

8. “A Small Tribute To The Professional Soccer Fraternity For Consistently ‘Winning” Over The Years. Here Are Some Of My Favorites”


Image Credit: TigerBubbles

9. “What In The Name Of Good God, Hopefully Not A Repost”


Image Credit: glueisgood4you

10. “No Let’s Talk About The Hair”


Image Credit: muchPulse60

Believe it or not, these people did those on purpose because they like to be different than others, to stand out. They will surely get a lot of attention from literally everyone with those hairstyles. These people are really extremely confident about their look and think they are setting a trend. Hard to believe? Same here. Keep on scrolling down to see more of these unique people with their unique hairstyles…

11. “The Brexit; When Your Barber Is European”

Image Credit:

12. “Professor At My University Rocking The Bold Two-Tuft Hairline Look”


Image Credit: I_Ran_Over_Oprah

13. “Just Share With Your Loved Ones”

Advertisement by UDM

Image Credit: Leo_Remos

14. “Rat Tail In Front?”


Image Credit: britknee1887

15. “Irresistible”

Image Credit: MonkeyOnYourMomsBack

16. “What In God’s Name Is This”


Image Credit: cyborg8

17. “Certified Texan Moment”

Image Credit: BlueTrapazoid

18. “Stockbroker In The Front, Influencer In The Back”


Image Credit: burning-daisies

19. “Fantastic Sam’s Circa 1991…”

Image Credit: RobAustinVinyard

20. “Now This Is Cursed”


Image Credit: KyraX007

Oh, God! He is probably obsessed with playing chess because there is no other way anyone would even think about doing that to themselves. And why would anyone in their right state of mind get that rat tail braid? I just need answers, I am very much curious. Which hairstyle do you find the most horrible? Have you ever seen anyone with a ridiculous hairstyle, what was it? Let us know in the comments down below…


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